Friday 28 October 2016

SOPIAN AHMAD : Has this BN gomen driven a citizen to his death?

Sudah sah seorang Melayu muda berugama Islam mati akibat kemalangan yg disengajakan dijambatan Pulau Pinang. Sedih!

tetapi saya masih berkeyakinan sesuatu perlu dan boleh dilakukan untuk kepentingan rakyat selainnya.

I wish I could have met him before he jumped; just to talk with him to understand how one feels ending life on this planet, deliberately. What does it take to do such a thing; courage? Foolhardy? Stupidity? Or perhaps profound fortitude?

The note he left is something to be understood in his and our perspectives. The note is very touching, very political; a frustrating cry not for attention but a struggle to get out of personal misery.

His note takes me to a question. Has this gomen that we have today driven a citizen to death?

What would be the gomen's response?

Saya harap soalan begini TIDAK dijawab oleh Ahmad Maslan, Rahman Dahlan atau Salleh Kruak lah!

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