Saturday 29 October 2016

Sharifuddin Abdul Latiff : cakap cakap....Najib Pivot Towards China.

Random thought for today .. 28th October 2016.

It's reported that Najib plans to buy 10 littoral mission ships from China and will clinch the deal during his China visit next week. At RM300 million each, that will be RM3 billion in total.
Najib's pivot to China include:

1. Selling 100% of 1MDB's power assets,
2. Selling 60% of Bandar Malaysia to a consortium which has China as a partner, and,
3. Allowing his home state, Pahang, to export bauxite ores to China without addressing the environmental degradation (until recently).

Najib's pivot to China MAY also include:

1. Assigning the East Coast Rail project amounting to RM60 billion (reportedly inflated from RM30 billion), and,
2. Assigning the the KL-Singapore HSR which is worth RM60-65 billion.

Wanna know what gets my kambing?

Najib's pivot to China is utterly hypocritical of his administration's dogged refusal to allow Chin Peng to be buried in Perak.

Meanwhile ... 'Geng Merah' tak marah ke melihat Najib beri laluan mudah kepada 'Tongsan China' untuk bertapak kat negara tercinta? Atau pon 'Geng Merah' dah tahu dedak akan di tabur apabila duit haram di perolehi daripada projek2 tersebut di atas?

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