Saturday 8 October 2016

cakap cakap.....Umno, Najib and RPK.


As I am fond of saying....I can write good or bad on just about anybody I chose....but I am mindful that what I write will pass muster by those of you who do stop by this blog and spend your precious minutes reading what I write. I do make an effort to dignify the moments you spend on this blog by writing not spin, not rubbish, but sensible and rational observations and thoughts about the things that are happening around us. I try to give my thoughts on these things with clarity and logic...and where we have agreed to disagree....I hope to at least give you good reasons for my point of view.....and if we do still agree to disagree....give you enough reasons to come back to this blog to read what else I write about. I do this on my own time, without fear or favor AND without any amount of dedak thrown my way by those I write ill or good about. 

What I put down here are my thoughts, my take on the situations and happenings around us and certainly sometimes with some effort made to make you guys see my point of view on these matters and issues but I am always mindful that there are many of you out there who will think differently from how I think.

For whatever reasons, some of you are against Umno, but that does not mean you want Tun Mahathir back in charge. Some of you want Najib out but that does not mean you want Anwar Ibrahim as prime minister. You want Umno out and so you question the need to woo Umno members to any coalition against Umno for you are certain anyone from Umno who have been the cause of our present problems cannot be part of the solution. Some of you support PAS, some DAP, PKR and I am sure there are some of you who read what I write, are "berani mati" supporters of ISIS or God knows whatever groups that are out there. In short, we are all the same....different in our thoughts as we are different in our image.

All I can hope for is that in reading what I write you will be able to see the world from my point of view - and that and let live. All things must pass and if you can do good in your short life....why not do so. 

But comfortable as I am in my own skin and in my own life, I am too aware that out there in the real world, life is different. Different from the life I want for myself....that is why I no longer want to live in K Hell. Call me anything you like but that is a life choice that I have made and I will have to live with it.....and missing the country I have grown up in, is one of my constant yearnings.

And so having left K Hell, why bother with what is happening there? What business is it of mine if the prime minister of Malaysia is a billionaire? If a 91-year-old man is leading the opposition against the incumbent government? If Anwar is in jail? If the people behind the murder of Altantuya are still free? If the IGP licks Najib's balls for a living? If Umno has become the repository of all that is evil, wrong and obnoxious about the Malays ?

I am bothered about these things for the same reasons that I am bothered about the Gout that has been troubling my right toe for the last two days ago : the gout is painful, it unsettles me and prevents me from doing the things I would want to do around the house - especially caring for my wife. And until it goes away, I am a cripple hobbling around the house with a cane. 

I may live in Melbourne but I am still a Malaysian citizen. A billionaire prime minister who became a billionaire by stealing from the coffers of MY country, bothers me because it is still MY country. And so I want him out.

When we have a 91 year old Tun Mahathir having to lead the opposition against an Umno he was once president indicates that either that 91 year-old is unhinged or that there really is something wrong with Umno. I have been following what Tun Mahathir has been doing these last few months and I know this old man is not unhinged. He is lucid, rational and is focussed and committed to the task at hand - that of ousting Najib and, if he has to, take Umno out of government. And from what I have seen Umno do, I know that it is Umno that is unhinged. And so I am on the side of Tun Mahathir.

Anwar Ibrahim is a friend and I need to say more?

And who, in their right mind, would want to allow murderers, corrupt politicians, and corrupt public servants run loose in ANY country? Not me!

Those are some of the reasons I work on this blog....but wait there is more!

As much as I would like to go to sleep at a reasonable hour instead of at 2.30 AM as I did last night....and as much as I would rather just lie in bed now with that painful gout bothering me instead of writing this....and as much as I would rather think about what I would like to prepare for lunch for my wife and me instead of trying to figure out what to write in order to dignify the time you will spend reading what I write.....there is still one other thing that is driving me to blog.

It is not only the constant harassment by those bloody idiots under the pay of the powers that be in Putrajaya that makes life difficult for us bloggers....but more is those bloggers who get their generous allowances of dedak for writing things that would even make a village idiot blush.

And no one does this better than RPK....really brother, you should read what you write makes me want to vomit. I have not gone to your site for a long long time, but, from time to time I cannot escape coming across your drivel on the net....and I do ask myself how it is possible for someone to do what you do even if "they" make it worth your while?

Boleh cerita sikit tak? How? 


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