Wednesday 19 October 2016

A question for Fomca : Will Muslims be too confuse to go see "Dog Day Afternoon?"

Consumer association says such words will confuse Muslims.

 steadyaku47 comment : 

How stupid are Muslims to be confused by such words as "Hot dogs"...."Puppy love"..."Dog Day in the Afternoon"..."Watch Dog"...."Underdog"...."Dog Face"....

And any other words that have "beer" in it?

What about Pig, Bacon, Lard, ...Cadbury (remember there were once not halal!) ....the list goes on and on and on!

Would labelling those Umno leaders "dog face" make them non-halal? What about this :

Many of us have likened Umno leaders to pigs greedily and noisily feeding at the trough of dedaks that the spoils of public office seem's to endlessly refill! I doubt if there will be any confusion there because we all know that they are really pigs....very greedy pigs indeed!

No, I doubt if there will be any confusion to any words  - even if it includes "dog" or "beer" because there are many many Muslims who can think for themselves. Many many more Muslims who understand and are rational enough to know that "dog face" does not mean that an Umno politician is "haram"...what will make that Umno politician "haram" is corruption, money politics and greed....not words!

Fomca...go find something useful to do....go define what "corruption", "money politics"  and words like "donation" really means...and while you are at it...please also find out if labelling someone....anyone...."Flying Hippo" can be a "haram" thing to do.

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