Monday 17 October 2016

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17th October 2016. Monday.

It has been a week since I last posted on this blog. For me, this is unusual. I normally update steadyaku47 daily.....let me tell you why it has been so. Somehow I have forgotten to take my medication for my gout for over a week...and I was reminded of my folly exactly a week ago. Gout is a near death experience....the throbbing pain on my right toe somehow intensifies just as the sun goes down. Night time is hell and the only relief that morning brings is a slight downturn in the pain department. But the things that need to be done to get through the day meant me hobbling around the apartment...resulting in the pain returning with a vengeance. Suffice to say that that was how the last week was spent by me....but here is the thing about pain! Even throbbing near death pain! As soon as the pain goes away.....everything moment of the living hell while the pain was around, is immediately forgotten, and life can go on as before.

But the mental trauma of pain lingers in my head. I am reluctant to make my feet to which my toe is attached, do anything else but remain immobile. And so I laze around the house doing precisely that....including not make a move in the general direction of my desk where my keyboard attached to my computer is I do not work on this blog until my conscience gets the better of me....and so tonight at about 9.05 PM...I sat down to try and write again.

 As I write this, military oprations secara besar besaran has already begun to retake Mosul from ISIS. Troops are being deployed that would completely ovewhelm ISIS from all sides and no doubt "victory" will be won at the expense of many deaths of the military, ISIS and civilians. Honestly I have no understanding at all of what ISIS or anybody else involved in this conflict are fighting for....and even if I do attempt to understand it, it will never allow me to understand fully the conflict ...and so I prefer to not look beyond it being another conflict, another battle, another war where people kill each other for reasons maybe they themselves would not know of. The people of Libya is already yearning for the good old day when Gaddafi was their leader as many in Iraq are yearning for the good old days when Saddam Hussein was their president. 

Sound familiar ?  

How many of you are yearning for the good old days when Mahathir was PM? Those days when there was a semblance of Law and order as opposed to now when there is law but no order?  And yes there was corruption during Mahathir's time but it was done with "decorum" and greed was kept in check as Mahathir himself is not someone you would want to upset by displaying your greed for the world to see. And the wife of the prime minister was...well a wife. Decent, graceful and without any airs or pretension to be a FLOM. Minsters were ministers and woe betide any of them trying to squeeze in a round of golf when accompanying Mahthir on his overseas travel......and nobody wanted the Sultans to be involved in anything...especially in trying to save the future of our nation!

In AMerica, day by day Donald Trump by his past deeds is moving further away from the presidency of the US of A. That America would even take him this far in the election of a president says much of the kind of country America is.....and that is simply this ; There is a place for everybody in America....even a Donald Trump.

In Australia today ....this evening to be exact...the police have been called to a house where they found four bodies...two adults and two children.

A family of four, including two children with "significant disabilities", has been found dead in a home in Sydney's north, in what police have described as a "tragic" and "horrific" event.
"The children had very high complex needs … I don't think [their mother] slept for many hours of the night because of the difficulties often with the two children."

From my reading of the situation, it would seem that the two children had severe autism....and maybe coping with them was getting just a bit too hard for their parents....but we will have to wait for the police to give us more details on this one.   

When thing like this happen...and they happen all the do have to think about your own priorities in life....and I do not mind sharing with you all that the thought of not going back to blogging has cross my mind over this past week simply because I think that sometimes I must really sit down and sort out in my mind what all this will do for me and my family in the immediate and long term. 

Enough for now....It's almost 11PM and soon it will be time to get my wife into bed....then maybe after that, I might write some more. 


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