Wednesday 26 October 2016

A simple budget analysis from a layman. Najib has made beggars out of the Malays. Right now the growth industry for Malays is driving taxis and lining up for cash handouts.

By Syed Akbar Ali

Assalamu'alaikum all, this is a simple budget analysis from a layman.

"This Is What The Malays Have Become, After GTP, ETP, Transformasi, Boston, McKinsey, GLC, High Income Economy, Entah Apa Lagi"

MO1's Budget this year clearly shows what has become and what is becoming of the fate of the Malays.

Just by looking at the classifications and allocations used in the Budget you can map out the existence of the Malays. And all this is a result of using handouts and easy money as economic policy.

The first one is this comment by Najib :
PM tells poor M'sians to be Uber drivers : More M'sians, B40 (Bottom 40) group should be Uber drivers Najib said; recommends M'sians to enter ride-sharing service to earn extra; down payment using BR1M, rebate RM4k for Proton Iriz, Najib added.

This is a new classification. This is the first time I am hearing about B40 or Bottom 40. Lets not bullshit ok - the vast majority of these B40 are the Malays. During Dr Mahathir's time we did not have this special classification called B40. At that time the whole country was on its way out of any classifications.

But under Najib, and since Badawi too, we have almost a new racial grouping. Keturunan : B40. So what happened to High Income Economy? RM6000 household income and all that crap? Penipu !

And what does Najib want the B40 to do? He wants them to become Uber taxi drivers !! Mampus lah hangpa. Thats all the future your own pemimpin sees for his own race. Become taxi drivers. The PM suggests that becoming a taxi driver should be a growth industry for the Malays.

Then the Budget has "BR1M will benefit 7 million; allocation of RM6.8bil".

Again this is largely a Malay thing. This is direct giving of 'alms for the poor' or 'sedekah bagi pengemis'. Najib has made beggars out of the people. Thats what it is. RM83.33 'sedekah' per month. This is a ridiculous figure. It does not make any difference in your life. No beggar can beg his way out of poverty. The fact that the PM can proudly brag about 7 million mostly Malays being this poor is evidence enough that his brain is seriously twisted. Najib is making receiving BR1M another growth industry for the Malays.

Then let's look at this figure :

Only 2.1 million income tax payers out of 14.6 million of country's total workforce.

This means that 12.5 million workers either avoid paying taxes or they fall below the minimum RM3000 monthly income threshold to pay any income taxes. I think it is the latter. And for sure 12.5 million workers DO NOT belong in that RM6000 household income group. They are certainly NOT high income. And these will be overwhelmingly Malays.

There are 30 million people in the country. Say 70% are Malays. That's 21 million people. About seven million are Chinese. Another two million Indians and Lain2. For certain the numbers of Malay taxpayers is proportionately very small. The amount of taxes they pay will also be proportionately small.

So 2.1 million taxpayers are paying taxes that fill the Treasury, including paying salaries for 1.6 million Civil Servants, who are again over 90% Malays.

Alamak ! What if these 2.1 million 'taxpayers' take up Ikan Bakar's advice and migrate? Will it miraculously improve the gomen's tax revenues? Will the gomen's finances go from hutang gila babi (oops ...gila khinzir) to huge budget surpluses? I don't think so.

All the mollycoddling has NOT increased substantially the numbers of Malay taxpayers who can pay their own taxes and sustain their own wellbeing in the economy. It should be the target of policy making to increase the numbers of Malays beyond the tax paying threshold. But right now the growth industry for Malays is driving taxis and lining up for cash handouts.

Fully Paid Study Leave with scholarship to Support Group.
Quarantine leave up to five days without record for public servants.
Computer loan facility for public servants.
Motorcycle loan for public servants from RM5,000 to RM10,000.
Civil servant’s housing loans
30,000 units of Perumahan Penjawat Awam 1Msia

This is another growth industry for the Malays. They make up the huge bulk of public servants, maybe over 90% of 1.6 million public servants. Considering that gomen does not function too well, economic growth is slowing, revenue collection is dwindling you know that far too many public servants are sleeping on the job. All the indexes are haywire. Corruption index up, education index down, food poisoning index up, sports achievement index down, sports ministry budget up, health ministry budget down, integrity index down, curi index up, religious tolerance index down, religious extremism index up etc. The gomen is not functioning.

Or, if you have too many public servants, then the job becomes a place to sleep. Or a place to minum teh at 9am, 10:30am, 3pm, 4pm. Or sembahyang at 8am, 12:30pm, 3pm, 4pm. Or 'pi mesyuarat' 8:30am till 4pm. The best years of a human being life is spent producing not much. Or nothing at all.

Yet the gomen is giving more and more goodies to the civil servants. The reason is obvious - to buy their support. Make them indebted. Rule 1 of colonialism : keep them barefooted and dumb. Rule 1A : give them whiskey / opium / religion and keep their minds 'befogged'.

A compliant civil service is another growth industry for the Malays being promoted by the gomen.

The next growth industry for the Malays (in the Budget) is food catering and food hawkers' business.

RM1.1bil for Hostel Meal Assistance Programme for 365,000 students.
RM300mil for 1Malaysia Supplementary Food Programme for primary school students.
RM1.4 Billion for food catering in schools !! Wow !

I call this the 'sakit perut halal' sector. This is a really supergrowth industry that can only be sustained by easy gomen money. That is why you see so many cases of food poisoning at the sekolah asrama, sekolah kebangsaan etc where the food caterers and cafeteria operators are almost exclusively Malay.

If the makcik nasi lemak at the market sells nasi lemak sakit perut, very soon she will be out of business. That is why you rarely suffer sakit perut food poisoning at the makick nasi lemak.

But not the crony food caterers and cafeteria operators who sell towgay swimming in stale water or cabbage swimming in stale water as food at the school and university cafeterias. They are unhygienic and sell recycled food. They don't have to worry because they will still get the food supply contracts - awarded under the table. RM1.4 Billion worth of food catering contracts.

This is another major growth sector for the Malays as well.
Increase monthly allowance of 15,000 imam to RM850.
RM500 to nearly 16,000 Bilal and Siak for managing mosques.
Kafa teachers’ allowance increased to RM900 a month.
Religion (and hocus pocus) is another huge growth industry of course. They have to buy the PAS vote. Many of these people also double up as bomoh, dukun, penghalau jin, pemisah jodoh and pemasang jodoh. Some of them strike it very rich. They have conned thousands with fake medical cures and have made enough money to travel to the US to get real, scientific, medical treatment for themselves. This is a definitely a growth sector for the Malays. That is why the gomen is spending money on this from the Budget.

Now lets get back to those 2.1 million taxpayers who pay most (if not all) the taxes to fill the gomen's coffers which the gomen then burns to fund all these 'growth sectors'.

How many of those 2.1 million taxpayers belong to the 'sakit perut halal' sector? Or the poo kanan poo kiri sector? Or drive taxis? Not many.

Now imagine that a bolt of lightning strikes all those 2.1 million taxpayers and makes them all go cuckoo. They decide that they too want to work in the 'sakit perut' food catering sector, become bilal and siak, work in the gomen jobs, drive taxis or just wait for the BR1M lorry to come along.

Do you think the gomen will be able to collect more income taxes or less income taxes?

So I think those 2.1 million taxpayers reserve some serious respect. At a time when even Petronas cannot contribute as much to the Budget anymore (Petronas contribution is now a secret) it is those 2.1 million taxpayers who are also sustaining the gomen's Budget.

The 2 year old GST is not a tax. It is an oppression. Even 12 year old kids have to pay GST! We have to be rid of it.

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