Sunday 9 October 2016

Melayu pukul Melayu! Umno.... engkau tak ada kerja lain ka? Mampus Umno!

Let me say this....if anyone is to be held responsible for this outrage of a Malay beating up another Malay because one is in a yellow shirt and the other is in a red shirt....I would say it has to be Umno!

And if there is anyone in Umno that can be held responsible for this is certainly that president of their's...Najib Razak.... for having allowed these kind of Malay youths to run around this nation of ours inflicting fear and physical harm upon other Malays.

Yes other Malays.....they would not have the courage to do this to anyone who is not a Malay because they know what the consequences will be for them.....and so they go around fueled by money given to them by Umno inflicting pain on other Malays.

And where is PDRM? Again that ass licking tweet of an IGP is second guessing that his political boss - Najib Razak - would want him to give these red shirts freedom of movement and freedom to go and hantam other Malays....and soon...very very soon, these red shirt Malays will be the most despised Malays around - despised not only by the other races but despised by the majority of Malays because the pain and suffering they inflict is upon their own race.

But this nothing new....Umno has been shitting on the very people that have given them political power...THE MALAYS....and these red shirts is a prime example of Umno's half-baked idea to put fear into Malaysians so that Umno will be able to do as they deem fit!
Not any more....public opinion has already turned against Umno Malays. You have already lost the popular mandate to govern at the last election. Unleashing these red shirts upon Malaysians is that final nail in Umno's coffin....mampus Umno!

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