Saturday 1 October 2016

We will know.....

Listen not, to what other say. 

Read not, what others write. 

Think not what others think.  

That, in essence, is what Najib and Umno expect of every Umno member and any BN supporter. 

Katak bawah tempurung! 

And yet they know that their world is closing down around them! They know that as their past and current misdeeds catches up with them, time will decide their fate. Time will show them to be the liars, scammers, thieves and robbers that they are. And with each passing day they are made aware that there is a time and a season for everything....a time when Anwar Ibrahim will be released, a time when Najib and Rosmah will no longer be at Seri Perdana, a time when all those complicit in the pillaging and plunder of our nation's coffers will be hauled up to made accountable for what they have done and a time when you and me can claim back our life, our country and decide our future.

That time is drawing near. 

It is drawing near in parts because of what the opposition, what Bersih, what Anwar, Mahathir, Mahyuddin and what you and me have done in our efforts to bring about change....but if truth be told, the end of Najib, Rosmah, Umno and BN is drawing to a close simply because the critical mass needed to bring about change in our country are now ready for is wanting of fact it is demanding of change! 

Najib, Umno and BN may still have deep pockets....but those deep pockets are begining to run short of change for them to continue to spend money they do not have. Not Petronas, not the GST not Tabung Haji, EPF, Khazanah not even 1MDB can continue to satisfy their greed.  

Najib, Umno and BN may have large armies....but look closely at the "soldiers" in these armies and you will find dissent aplenty and at times, outright mutiny. Consider those who are already leaving Umno for PPBM, those within the government who are already with the opposition and sympathetic to the opposition cause and consider those "soldiers" within this army who are now brave enough to voice dissent and debate the right and wrong of what this government does in the name of government and you can clearly see a disaster looming within the "large army" that Najib, Umno and BN think they still have.
And "yes" God seems to be on their side too....and why not....Jakim, Jawi, the Muftis and many many religious entities and individuals are on their payroll.....and here is the thing about these Muslims who now seems complicit with this corrupt and arrogant BN government..... here and there you will detect a fissure in their unity....maybe not yet visible to the naked eye....but when push comes to shove, the goodness within religious men and women will come to the fore and overcome the evil that religion sometimes do.

Overtly, noisily and certainly more and more courageously by the day, those against Najib, Umno and BN are standing up to be counted...and you need only to look at what PPBM has been able to achieve since there was talk of it coming into being just a few months back! Today Mahathir is talking about getting one million members to be with PPBM....and where will that million come from? That is for us to know and for Najib, Umno and BN to find out!

For most of us, to continue to have to wait for the change that has been so long in coming, seems unbearable. We want change to happen last year, last month....last week,....yesterday and yet it has not. How long more must we wait?

And that my friends is the danger that awaits this nation today. 

We are close to breaking point. Race, religion, and all our differences have been thrown at us to rapture whatever grace, respect and tolerance that has ever been possible between us all. When we should be looking to each other for union against this corrupt Najib, Umno and BN, some of us are instead viewing each other with suspicion and hate....accentuating the negative even where nothing really divides us.....instilling fear within some of us as to  the intentions of our own brothers and sisters. This is the way of those who are bankrupt of anything else but the fear of what will happened to them when political power that they have abused for their personal gain, is lost.     

But there is hope.

This prime minister of ours and his obnoxious wife no longer trip the light fantastic across the globe in private jets at our expenses at will! They have to consider if it is wise for them to tempt fate by going to New York where the US Department of Justice has already got the FBI busy doing what our Law Enforcement Authorities should have done about 1MDB a long time ago! 

Ministers in his cabinet are told in no uncertain terms by the people of Malaysia that what they have done and what they now do in the name of government, they will be held accountable for !

And today we know that anything done by this government, right or wrong, will be conveyed to the Malaysian Public in real time through the many medium of communication that we are now blessed with. 
If Rosmah ventures into Hermes in Germany, if Najib is brave enough to face questions from the foreign media, if either of them even coughs....we will know. 

If there is a single branch member from an Umno branch in Pahang or Hutan Melintang leaves Umno to join PPBM, we will know.

And the moment Zahid makes a move to take what he thinks is his by default...we will know!

That all this will happen is given because the time has come to talk of what comes after Najib, what comes after Umno and BN, and more critical, how will the Rakyat decide who will lead them and what will their future be like. We live in interesting times......





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