Friday 28 October 2016

Kenapa MP BN hodoh sangat? Dah lah hodoh...perangai macam berok on heat. MB Selangor cool aja

Kassim S.A. says:
You asked why are BN MPs so ugly that they resemble very closely retarded apes on heat. I have good news for you. You and the other 25 million Malaysians are not the only ones who seek an answer.

Scientists from around the globe have been puzzled by this phenomenon that seems to infect only those who are elected by equally puzzling morons who believe that a dead admiral from China will be reincarcerated to save their race. (Damn the spellchecker!)
The results of a scientific study reveal that these BN MPs suffer from a rare disease known as Ed Zachary disease. This disease was first discovered by a Japanese doctor named Dr Ichibawa Jubosan. According to him, he first came across this disease while treating a couple from Malaysia.

Let me share with you his findings.

My name is Dr Ichibawa Jubosan. I am a Japanese and I specialise in sex theraphy. There was this married couple who were having terrible intimacy problems. There was just no sex between the two. One day, they made an appointment to see me.

At their first appointment I instruct the wife to prease take off all of her crothes. I then tell her to get on her hands and knees and crawl away from me on the floor. The couple just shake their heads in wonderment, but she comply. Then I say prease, crawl back towards me facing me. Again she complies. I then tell her to bend over and look at me through her legs. I exclaim, "I see your probrem. You have Ed Zachary Disease!!"

They both asked, what the hell does that mean and I say, "Your face look Ed Zachary like your ass."

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