Saturday 29 October 2016

Peter Terence D'Cruz : YES WE ARE UNITED!

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia is a model of unity as it assures fair and equal rights…
Yes, we are united!!
Even though you demolish temples,
Even though you burn churches,
Even though you don't respect the Constitution,
Even though questions are left unanswered,
Even though you engage the red shirt to create chaos and disunity,
Even  though you lie about 1MDB,
Even though you jail the opposition leaders on cooked up charges,
Even though you ask us to leave the country if we don't like what is happening,
Even though you took advantage of the poor in the name of NEP,
Even though you protect the biggest kleptomaniac in the world,
Even though you are party in getting us to the brink of economic disaster,
We are united!!!

Yes, we are united in seeing the lot of you out and into jail.
Yes, we are united like never before.

Come and see us on19th Nov and we will show you what united is.

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