Sunday 17 June 2012

‘Don’t forget what BN’s done for you’

It’s 7.01.a.m here in Melbourne. That was the first headline I saw on Free Malaysia Today when I clicked into the website. How appropriate! I went to sleep with the image of those Milan, Dubai stopover (at the Rakyat expense) for Rosmah’s shopping spree with Najib tagging along. Kennedy gallantly admitted to the French that he was the man who accompanied Jackie to Paris, Najib can say the same of his time in Dubai and Milan with FLOM  but Jackie charmed the French…I wonder what Rosmah’s shopping spree did to the economy of Milan and Dubai?

Anyway….I digress! In Bayan Lepas yesterday Muhyiddin reminded industrial workers in Western Digital “Don’t  Forget!” and Najib wants us to look back to September 16th 2008.

Yes Sir I will but maybe we should first go back to your days as Menteri Besar of Pahang and Minister of Defense because we must not forget that we are the sum of all the things we have done in the past and present!

Those were the times when you had your brains stuck in your zipper! Remember? Power and money does that to you. I wonder where you would be without Rosmah by your side today. It takes a thief to know a thief – no Sir I am not suggesting you or Rosmah are thieves – just that birds of a feather flies together. You were both married to other people when you met….get my drift? So I guess these days Rosmah have got you on a tight leash knowing what she knows about what you both did in the good old days! But we all change with age…at least I hope the two of you do! I know that that friend of your in Washington is as randy as ever!

Now as Minister of Defense – apart from all the saluting and the guard of honor you have to inspect every time you visit those camps – those were the really good olds days for you! The whole damm armed forces at your disposal with Generals scampering to what ever you want them to do.

And what about those Mindef tenders! God so many tenders and so much money to be made! Yes we know that Rosmah got into the act but there was still enough to go around and still keep your people fat and happy. Only being Minister of Finance could top being Minister of Defense…and as luck would have it, you are The Minister of Finance today! Ahhhh your cup runneth over.

What about Muhyiddin?

He fancies himself a future Prime Minister but for now he is your Deputy – as you were once Deputy to Pak Lah. You know what you did to Pak Lah so uneasy lies the Head with the Crown! The down side to being Prime Minister of Malaysia is that you have nowhere to go but DOWN! And you are Prime Minister now! Aisehman I am sure you are wondering when the ‘going down’ is going to start. Najib it starts NOW!

Just for a moment stop listening to your advisers who advised you about how the Panda’s would boost your ‘softer image’ to the Malaysian Public and how you should ‘manage’ NFC. Now you are wishing that the Panda agenda would just go away. And if only NFC could be stamped NFA and be gone!

Najib the going down has already started and with all the long knives out for FLOM I guess you will not be dropped down gently – by us or by UMNO! I have always wondered how you would cope when faced with defeat. I guess we will see soon enough. 

For now do not ask us to look back to anytime in the past because our memories of what UMNO has done to us overcomes all other sensibilities. And as Muhyiddin asks of us "We will not Forget"....we will always look back in Anger!    


  1. It's so difficult to remember what BN has done for us rakyat when what they have done for us was giving alms to the beggars over a lengthy period of 50 years and we are still beggars while all we can remember is that BN made the leaders rich so we can continue begging alms from them! That's why it's so much more easy to remember what BN has done TO us instead of FOR us!!

  2. Why didn't they ask what the rakyat have done for them? The rakyat has made them fat and rich so that they can live in luxury, having expensive overseas trips, big houses, big cars, big birkin bags, big bangles, big diamond rings. Also the rakyat has pushed them up a pedestal. Wow! it so nice high up there. And they will not want to go down.

  3. I guess Moo is right! The rakyat will not, or ever, easily forget what the UMNO/BN regime has done to them. And he still wonders why the rakyat could not wait any longer to get rid of the UMNO/BN regime.