Wednesday 13 June 2012


“A constable was found guilty on two counts of causing hurt to car thief suspect A. Kugan, who died in police custody three years ago.

Shah Alam Sessions Court judge Aslam Zainuddin sentenced V. Navindran to three years’ jail on each count, to be served concurrently”.

Three years for MURDER! Three years for beating someone for whom you have a duty of care to protect not to attack!  Three years for doing this to Kugan!

And this f#@king Shah Alam Session Court Judge Aslam Zainuddin (may his name live in infamy in our judicial history) decides “a constable was found guilty on two counts of causing hurt” not murder but ‘hurt’....

“ cause physical pain to somebody

Only in Malaysia only in Malaysia! A Malaysia under this wretched Barisan Nasional government with Najib Razak as Prime Minister!

Not even an attempt at passing a sentence that would at least give a sense of justice to Kugan’s family!

Not even an attempt at censuring PDRM for committing murder!

Just the arrogance of a Judge that takes instruction from his political master without a shred of shame to his sworn duty to uphold the law in this wretched Nation that our country has now become.

This Indian constable V Navindran got three years for killing another Indian while the real culprits got away with murder? And who are the real culprits?

Ask the IGP! 

This Babi of all Babi’s – the IGP - claims that only 1% of his Babi’s are corrupt but we keep meeting with the corrupt 1% everywhere and anywhere we go! Now how many of his Babi’s are murdering suspects who are in their custody?

.0075 % of PDRM possibly? And what percentage of the .0075% are Malays?

We keep running into the 1% of these babi police officers who are corrupt everywhere and anywhere we go! Kugan was unfortunate to run into the .0075 % of these pigs who murder suspects! I will wager you my pocket money that 99.9999% of the .0075% pigs that murder suspects in PDRM’s custody are Malays!

It is the Melayu Mata Mata who whacked Kugan into a pulp! The Melayu Mata Mata killed Kugan! No I am not attempting to fan racial hatred here – just stating the obvious! The Melayu Mata Mata who killed Kugan did so because PDRM’s culture allows them to do so. And PDRM’s culture is such because their political masters allows them to be so. Their political master is Barisan Nasional – an UMNO led Barisan Nasional with Najib Razak as the Prime Minister. All the miseries that our country now endures, all the murders by PDRM and MACC, all the abuse and misuse of political power – all this and more can be directly attributed to UMNO because UMNO and UMMNO alone has led this Nation of ours since independence!

Do Najib and the IGP have any idea of the contempt, the disgust and the anger we have towards PDRM for murdering Kugan? Let me try to describe my own anger: Give me a gun and I will shoot this V Navindran in the head if he did murdered Kugan!

But we know he was not alone in doing that dirty deed! Anybody who abets the other murderers of Kugan to remain unpunished deserves to be shot in the head too! Shot in the head as many time as necessary until they are dead – and that includes this Prime Minister of ours – Najib Razak – whose government turns a blind eye to our Police killing people for sport, for racial reasons and because they can!

PDRM would have started whacking Kugan as soon as they got him into the Police car and it would not have stopped even when he became unconscious!

DSAI was saved from being pummelled to death by the IGP because Yaacob was around to physically prevent a raging IGP from doing his worst on DSAI – an idiot of an IGP whacking a defenceless DSAI unable to see what or who was hitting him and from where the punches were coming from! How I wish this same IGP would one day have someone do the same to him!  

Back to Kugan. What the IGP did to DSAI is today Standard Operating Procedure for all within PDRM under this Barisan Nasional government!

Monkey see, Monkey do!

Just the thought of those Malay Mata systematically whacking Kugan to a pulp fills me with much hatred for these police constables and ditto for their seniors who allow them to kill! This is the culture within PDRM under this BN government!

PDRM are bullies – and like bullies everywhere they are brave only when Kugan is one and they are many. We have seen the horrific injuries that caused Kugan’s death and all V Navindran get is three years! The Judicial system that sentenced him deserved the political masters they now have! I spit on Aslam Zainuddin and the tainted Judiciary that he represents.

But here is one other thing about our country that shames me. There is collusion by all to ensure that Kugan’s killer gets three years to be served concurrently! Collusion by that F&#king Judge, the Attorney General, collusion by PDRM and collusion by this BN government!

The Judge prostitutes himself to do the bidding of his political master – no doubt with the hope that this BN government has long memories and further down the road he will be rewarded with a Toll Concession and like a dog being thrown a bone, he expects a Tan Sri no less to come his way. He may already consider himself AG designate!

PDRM thinks we are stupid enough to believe that no Malays were involved in the killing of Kugan! We know a Malay must be the one to give Kugan the first blow and the last! We know the heaviest, the most vicious and the most lethal of these blows were by a Malay on this Indian. And we know that it were the Malays that taunted Kugan as he was beaten time and time again until he lost consciousness.

And yet not one Malay policeman was in court! And PDRM will swear in the name of ALLAH that no Malays were involved in causing Kugan’s death?   This is the way of a PDRM that has lost its way  - even religion is used for their vested interest!

That Najib condones the verdict of the court is crystal clear.  He will not interfere in the independence of the court!  Huh! This I can tell Najib with conviction… UMNO, BN and Najib will lose votes because of the decision of the courts! That is the only thing these UMNO bastards understand!

Keep the fire raging within you brothers and sister! Keep the fire burning! Channel your anger into work to bring down this BN government in any way you can – throw stones at them, spit on them and most certainly do not vote for BN at the 13th general election.    

Murder is murder! In China they shoot you for less! In Malaysia less is best in as far as our judiciary is concern! These Barisan Nasional leaders do not understand the mood of the Nation! They fail to understand the depth of our empathy for what Kugan’s family has gone through. They fail to understand that our Nation have waited for the courts to punish these Babis for the past three years  - three years of debates and questions being asked as to how PDRM will be punished for murder. Three years of suppressed anger and rage at the brutality of a Police Force allowed running amok amongst our people – robbing and murdering our people without being punished – and now this!

Three years for hurting Kugan! Is Kugan recuperating somewhere from the beating he received from PDRM? Is Kugan walking around in crutches while waiting for his broken leg to heal? Is Kugan waiting for a Kidney transplant so that he can go off dialysis because his kidney was damaged by PDRM? Where is Kugan?


You stupid Aslan Zainuddin! Kugan is not hurt! He is dead! You should not have tried that Indian constable for hurting Kugan! You should not have tried that Indian constable for even murder! You should have tried him for beating another human being to death! People who beat other people to death are not Policemen- - they are people who have serious mental problems and are put away in jail so that they cannot hurt other people again. There is a word for that. You call it ‘hurt’ we call it “ beating another human being to a pulp!” Even what was done to Mashuri is too good for this Indian constable to endure!

His punishment will have to wait until this UMNO led Barisan Nasional government is ousted by the people at the 13th general elections! He, Razak Baginda, Amin Shah, MACC and all those bastards will get their just desserts when we have change! Change to a responsible, accountable and open government.

Until then let us keep our anger burning inside us. Let the fire rage within our hearts for those who have died because the dead cannot cry. We will cry for them. For UMNO what matters now is  self-preservation – not serving the Nation. So out with them! ABU! ABU! ABU! 


  1. Ringo says

    Apa ni Sein....mind you bloody language mate....grow up will ya

  2. Hussein dah bankrap idea.......time to call it a day mate.....pemikiran jumud

    Anti umno

  3. Cheeeeeeerio mate..........go do your laundry

  4. And now the end is near.............

  5. I feel your pain sir, I really do and also, pls ignore the comments above sir,they don't understand. Yes Kugan was murdered and called all sorts of names. Being of a certain ethnic background, the accusations stuck and ppl easily believed it.The fact is everyone, is entitled to a free and fair judiciary and till he/she is found guilty, he/she shall be presumed to be innocent. Najib and Rosmah, who are facing a ton of allegations, being leveled against them, time and time again are treated and portrayed as victims but this young man, who no longer has any opportunity whatsoever, to answer the allegations against him, has already been punished.RIP KUGAN