Wednesday 20 June 2012


Remember what happened when our Prime Minister requested our assist in naming the two young Chinese PANDA in his Chinese Language Facebook? We made a fool of him did we not with suggestion of naming them Bersih, Stop Lynas and Altantuya!

Now he has instructed DBKL to seek payment from Ambiga for the amount of RM351,203.45 with regard to the April 28 Bersih 3.0 Rally. Rest assured that the DG Salleh Yusup is just following orders. I would like to hazard a guess that he himself would be smirking at the stupidity of the whole charade but he knows who pays his salary – so sign the letter he did!

The breakdown of DBKL’s claim is as follow:

  • ·     Department of landscape and recreation suffered losses amounting to RM74,552. 50 due to damage to the landscape and trees.

  • ·     Building maintenance unit – RM19,654 for the cost involved in putting up steel barriers.

  • ·    Department of mechanical and electrical engineering – RM26,856.95 for transport and staff.

  • ·     Department of urban transport – RM5,900 for damages to signboards and barriers.

  • ·     Department of enforcement – RM224,240 which included overtime for the staff on duty, the cost of transport as well as food and drinks for them. 

Why don’t we do to Najib and this Barisan Nasional government what we did to them when they asked us to name the Pandas?

Ambiga go open an account at any Bank – tells us the account details and let us see if there are enough of us to put in what ever is being claimed by DBKL, by the Government and by any of their running dogs for the alleged damage done to OUR property during OUR BERSIH 3,0 rally!

Let us all put in one Ringgit each – no more and no less  - and let us see how much is put into that account so that this Barisan Nasional government will have eggs all over their face!

If more then what is needed is collected – and I am sure it will be more – then use the balance to have a street party with a free concert in….DATARAN MERDEKA!

What say you all? Boleh tak? Jom let us all make a fool of Najib and this Barisan Nasional government again and again and again ! 



  1. We should just collect, but why should we pay DBKL.. ??


  2. Publish the bill.

    Those who wants to help pay off the bill, walk-in to DBKL counter and pay with coins only. I'm sure they will accept partial payment in coins, don't they?

    Then see how long it takes for full settlement.

    I will gladly break my piggy-bank coin box for this.

  3. Bro
    What happened to "Mind No Evil"? Is the Gen(rtd) ok? Seems to stop blogging for quite sometime.

  4. Based on the attendance, RM1 or the most, RM2, per person will cover this "cost".
    Hello DBKL, you needn't have incurred this cost if you JUST LET THE RAKYAT BE!

  5. Hi Pak Steady

    I agreed with your cadangan

    malaysian in bali

  6. The barriers now belong to Bersih as "besi buruk". So hand it over.

  7. Salam Pak HH,

    Totally agree with you!! Ambiga should open the account and let us know!!