Monday 18 June 2012

Hands up all those who wants to overthrow the BN government?

I am sick of being accused by Nazri Aziz, Muhyiddin, that Din guy from the Rumah Ministry and even by our beloved (by some but certainly not by me!) Prime Minister that we want to overthrow the duly elected government of the day.

We are accused of having within our midst “communist elements” (hopefully not the Tiga Bintang kind) that have infiltrated our ranks  and are now busy converting us all into subversive elements.

According to Kayveas we have  schoolchildren, ‘blind’anti-Barisan Nasional supporters and paid participants who marched in Bersih rallies….and that 99 per cent of the thousands who gathered did not know what they were rallying for on April 28.  Kayveas accused the opposition of promoting blind condemnation of BN and for instigating our supporters to break the law and to spread falsehoods through the use of social media tools (that’s me lah!).

This Thamby is on a roll here! “Ninety-nine per cent of those who marched with Bersih did not know why they were there. Give a yellow T-shirt, a few hundred ringgit and they are there”…..I think he is confusing Bersih with UMNO here!

Anyway we cannot let these accusations go unanswered without putting in our two cents worth. So here goes.

How many of you want to overthrow this duly elected Barisan Nasional government? Go to the top right hand corner of this page and put your tick on the ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ button. If you vote to overthrow this BN government then we do it lah! ABU!

Do we have ‘communist elements’ in our midst? At least we know one of them is not around – namely Chin Peng! This BN government has refused this old communist the opportunity of spending his twilight years in the country of his birth! If there are any other communist around then can PDRM arrest them. The IGP does not talk cock – when he says there are communist we have to believe him. So why no arrest so far? Special Branch not doing their job or there are no communist to be found anywhere? The last few communist arrested were high profile members of UMNO quiet a few years back…..and I think they are still members of UMNO today and holding quiet respectable jobs since their arrest! I guess UMNO’s explanation for this is that they have been rehabilitated –just as Rahim Thamby Chik (the pedophile) and Isa Samad (the money politics guy) have been rehabilitated!  

Yes we do have schoolchildren within our midst but they do what they are suppose to do – go to school  - until the time when the non-Malays have to go overseas for further studies at the expense of their parents!

Who else do we have that is trying to overthrow this BN government? Quiet a lot of the Rakyat are with us! Not all of them but quiet a few…enough to give Najib and BN sleepless night!

We are all waiting for the 13th general election to be announced. Najib has the upper hand because he can decide when the elections will be called just as along as it is before March next year.

Now here is his worry.

He had to decide at a moment when he thinks BN can win the election….but each day makes that possibility more remote! This RM60 billion Non Performing Loan story just breaking is a case in point. CT Ali wrote about it in FMT a week back. I carried that story unedited in this blog a few days back. Today Malay Mail came out with this headline:

And all this is just the tip of the iceberg. Wait for what else is to come out. PKFZ and NFC would be a spring chicken compared to this Mother of all scams perpetrated by the Banks with the collusion of MOF and Bank Negara – all that resolved by a political solution that gave blanket cover for all this to be done – backdated to cover every illegal sale of NPL’s to debt collection agencies – courtesy of our Minister of Finance – Najib Tun Razak!         

And so the story goes on and on and on. There is no need for the violent overthrow of this BN government. They are going to choke on their own vomit! Until then……pray! 

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    My ten fingers and 10 toes are UP, up and uP!:) Regards, keep wellA!:) YL, Desi