Monday 18 June 2012

Of Tunku, Mokhtar Dahari, The Thomas Cup, Teoh Beng Hock, Kugan and Kak Endon....

We will walk towards Putrajaya together. A Chinese on my right an Indian on my left. I will follow whoever is in front of me be he or her comes from East of West Malaysia for we are all brothers and sisters. There will be other Malays all around me all eager to tell all who will listen to them that they are with Pakatan Rakyat. All through the ranks will be the young and the old, the rich and the poor and those who are with us because they believe in our cause. It is a just cause. It is a decent cause – everyone equal, everyone with the same opportunities to live life as they chose and everyone respectful of our strength in our diversity.  We are together to look after one another and to ensure that our brothers and sisters will not suffer any harm from those that wish us ill. We are all Malaysians.

This is how I feel inside me as the 13th general election nears! This warm, generous beating of my heart as I look around me and see others who need say nothing to tell me that they too are with me. I felt it many years ago when TUNKU led us with his heartfelt “MERDEKA” seven times on that morning of 31st August 1975…his palm outstretched heavenwards! 

I felt it when we won the Thomas Cup from Indonesia in 1992 and I felt it every time I see the late and great Mokhtar Dahari play.....every time I read about the exploits of the Towkay, Soh Chin Aun and his partner in defence Santokh Singh and Spiderman Arumugam!   

The last time we all felt pain together was when we waited for Tun Razak’s body to arrive at Subang after he died in London….and of course Kak Endon’s passing in 2005.

Now again my heart beats with what is to come for we all need to be together again in thoughts and deeds. Just as we all headed towards Seri Perdana on hearing about Endon’s passing, we must now head towards the 13th general election with one thought : ABU anything but UMNO!

I know there are some amongst you who are still unsure if you should abandon UMNO for you are a Malay. Brother UMNO abandon us a long long time ago! If you do not abandon UMNO now then when? After another 50 years of their corrupt and devious ways? We will survive without UMNO – UMNO will not without us – but that is only what they deserve! Those who sow padi get rice. Those who steal and plunder from those they should tender will get their just desserts.

For the others keep the rage against Barisan Nasional for you will need it to face their onslaught against us. It has already started. They have killed Teoh Beng Hock. Kill Sarbaini. Kill Aminurasyid. Kill Kugan and many more but we will not be moved. They have done all that is inhumanly possible towards our leader DSAI and still DSAI stands resolute against the large armies and deep pockets of UMNO! They can do no more!

Today UMNO can do no more. If they cannot take our leader away from us then they cannot take us away from our leaders! The worst is over for DSAI, for Kit Siang and Karpal and for Tok Guru and Hadi! Now we march towards Putrajaya.             
We will walk towards Putrajaya together. A Chinese on my right an Indian on my left. I will follow whoever is in front of me be he or her come from East of West Malaysia for we are all Brothers and Sisters….ABU!

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  1. Don't think you'll follow an East Malaysian...I just really don't think so...All you West Malaysia just the same...You guys go ahead and fight...this time We will just See and this time...We'll Decide!