Saturday 16 June 2012

Is Anwar Ibrahim a corrupt man?

Is Anwar Ibrahim a corrupt man? Has he gained financially from his position as DPM while in UMNO and in his position as the Economic Advisor to PKR in Selangor? Did those who were working for him or with him profited too by their association with him? There will be many amongst you that have already made up your mind on this matter based on information that you access on the net and in the media. Goggle Anwar Ibrahim and you will find 3.5 million references about him -  enough reading to do until the early hours of 2020 and you still will not get past a smidgen of what is out there about this man…..not even a drop in the ocean of information available about this man.

So tell me friend what do you know and what have you read about this man? Did what Petra wrote recently  about DSAI during his time as Minister of Finance made you decide that DSAI is corrupt? 

If it did then ask yourself this question: How come Mahthir and Najib did not use this ‘evidence’ to nail DSAI to the cross! Why do they need Sodomy One and Two, the Carcosa tapes and all those gutter youtube videos to try to tar and feather DSAI? What Petra claimed DSAI did while in UMNO would have put him away in Sungai Buloh for a while…and yet they were not used by Najib or Mahathir! Is what that is in Petra’s possession kosher? Think of it, a retired ex ACA operative flies off to London or Manchester (wherever it was that he met with Petra) at whose expense? Not Petra for sure! At his own expense? Huh for sure NO! So who pays for that trip plus expenses and pocket money. Who? Vested interest possibly…very generous vested interest for sure! But for what desired purpose? For UMNO or does he have an axe to grind against DSAI personally?

In short we can speculate and ruminate till the cows come home and we will never come close to the truth. Leave Petra out of this because he is just the ‘alat’ used to get the story out to us – a good ‘alat’ and possibly a believable ‘alat’ but nevertheless he is being used by others to get this story out to us. And so where does this all end?

It will end after the 13th general elections and not a moment sooner. If BN wins they will have no interest in following through on what DSAI did when he was with UMNO. If Pakatan Rakyat wins then PR too will not have any interest in following through on the story!  So for what reason is Petra being so mischevious with this story about DSAI that happened over 15 years ago?

The same reason I am writing about it now. People will want to read about it. It is good for me and it is good for my blog and it is good for Petra and Malaysia Today! After the general election it will get as much attention as what is happening in Batang Berjuntai this Friday Night! Maybe of interest to the people in Batang Berjuntai but not to the rest of the nation.

Anwar knows this too well! He treats these exposures with as much interest and as he would have every time he boards a plane to go overseas yet again, and again and again! Yawn!!!!!

It is what we do with it that gives these stories a life of their own. We talk about it with the aplomb of an expert about someone we most probably have never even met!. We give our comments unsolicited to anybody within earshot. We tell them our take on the latest DSAI’s stories while embellishing those part which WE want to highlight to confirm our contention that he is corrupt or not  -  depending on where you stand on this issue! And then we publish out comments like the experts that we are on the coming and goings of DSAI! And this is how these stories take on a life of their own….

Take this sms that I receive a few days back:   

“my group  & I were already set to move w pm. If u r ere now in KL u can literally feel d GE13 momentum is goin pms way! W or w/out bloggers, a ‘simple majority’ is in ‘hand’! He is goin 4 june polls! How do I kno this? Simply bcos people in my group r also is advisors!

Now if I “melatah” and took that as gospel coming from the PM’s own advisors – where will it take me? Down the same path as those other people who are used by others to serve their own agenda? So please ladies and gentlemen chill! Take yourself out of the loop and stop thinking what others want you to think.

For those of you that see DSAI as one who can do no wrong I want to confirm with you guys that the last time I checked on DSAI he is as fallible as anyone of us.  He makes mistakes like anyone of us will do from time to time and he certainly has vested interests in making sure that Pakatan Rakyat will come into the 13th general election ready and willing to give BN a run for their money! So what he does today is towards making that a reality.  His interest is in reaching out to the electorate with his message that he is for clean, accountable and responsible government! That and getting the voters to vote for him!

Najib on the other hand is too engrossed in turning himself into a Jack of All Trade and is unfortunately Master of none! He actually sits and listens to advisors who tell him that they can transform his image into what the Rakyat will want him to be! He is Mr Cool, Mr Innovation, Mr Transformation, he is for 1 Malaysia, he is for Ketuanan Melayu.  Everything you want him to do, Najib will do! Well almost anything….I want him to F@*k Off but he will not!
So do not ask if DSAI is corrupt unless you are prepared to ask the same question of Mahathir, Najib, Pak Lah, Muhyiddin, Sharizat, Isa Samad, Tengku Razali, Kadir Sheikh Fadil…and of every damm UMNO and Barisan Nasional politician that has ever held public office. From East Malaysia or West Malaysis. Every one of them are tainted because that is the culture within their brand of politics in Malaysia. Monkey see monkey do!  

Can they change? Reminds me of the story about the rattle snake and the tortise. The rattle snake was afloat on a piece of sinking pile of rubbish after a flood and wanted desperately to get to dry land. He saw a tortise swim by and pleaded with the tortise to take him to dry land. The tortise said “NO’ because you will bite me and kill me” The Rattle snake said no he will not because if he does they will both die in mid stream. That sounded logical and so the tortise took the rattle snake on its back and started swimming towards the other side. Mid way the rattle snake bit the tortise on its neck…. and the dying tortise said to the rattle snake “Now we are both going to die. Why did you bite me? And the rattle snake said “It is in my nature!” And so it is with those who were in UMNO and those who are still in UMNO and Barisan Nasional It is in their nature to lie, be arrogant and care for themselves more than for those that elected them into office. And we will be fools if we expect them to change!


  1. Corrupt or not corrupt, never mind lah, at this moment, Pak. I and other Malaysians will take our chances. Can't be any worse than our present PM and DPM and the whole *&^% cabinet! Take a look at the news on the Internet and you will lose interest in your leisurely Saturday brunch for sure!

  2. Sdr Hussein: I agree with Sally's -- Msians after 55years under BN want a CHANGE; after a term of 4to5 years under PR led by Sdr Anwar, we then can compare the two coalitions' performance, then make another choice at GE-14.

    Thanks for an excellent post -- may I assume an AP -- not the RM20k-paying kind that that Fat Lady ex-Waniata UMNO chief hogged for her family! -- reproduce at my cyber abode I also nick Midnight Voices? Cheers, YL, Desi

  3. First thing to know is that the world we live in is a corrupted realm. So the world is imperfect to begin with.So People need to elect a party that will be able to lead the country and have some surplus savings for their people. All leaders are corrupted as they all have an self interest stake to began with. When corruption is rampant or at its peak then a regime change will take its course . All these are part of our world cycle. If you have studied history these cycle is very evident.All this is normal occurance in a human manisfestation world.So forget about perfecting others , you can only perfect oneself .....

  4. All umno-bn ministers are corrupted to core and this include Anwar when he was DPM. Why mamak mahathir phase out the 500 and 1000currency notes if its not becos' of Anwar. Anwar lost everything overnight and was jailed 6yrs for his sins and this is what makes him different from other umno guys. The Rakyat should give him a chance and support him all the way. DSAI for PM.

  5. Its most important that Malaysians look at current events from a relative prospective:
    More pertinent questions should be asked:
    Q: Why is BN so shit-scared of DSAI? If DSAI is corrupt, BN should have no fear. Hence we can concur that DSAI is obviously less corrupt than BN.
    It is imperative that DSAI serve at least one term as PM before he is judged. Why is BN so shit-scared that he is elected? All the more reason why DSAI must be elected if one is SINCERE to audit him.

  6. Salam Dato, you are one if the Political Bloggers that I respect. Maybe you can check with Tun Daim whether DSAI really corrupt like others in UMNO/BN also.. Rossi

  7. Pak Sein, I see that you have become yourself again.Stop relying on Petra and you are a great blogger. Syabas. Thats the way it should be pak. Talking about corrupt practices. It can be defined into two. One you corrupt for yourslef or second you corrupt but not for your own personal use but use it to make things move that make you popular. Now, If Anwar is guitly of the second, I guess it's ok for now. As you have said, there is nothing on record WHERE CORRUPTION IS CONCERNED that Mahadey and Najib can press on DSAI. So, they try out all the other dirty tricks on him. But, alas they fail and backfired on them. God Is Great.
    I for one never believe Anwar is involved in those sex activities as charged by UMNO. Not even a fool would indulge in doing such practices in his own backyard. Knowing Anwar, he is no fool. Coming back to corruption, I wont say Anwar is an angel, after all he is a human like others and humans have weaknesess. Anyway, what the heck, now our priority is to get rid of the present corrupt govt and we will take a chance and give pakatan 5 years to see their worth and if they are on the right track we shall prolong their existence to another 5 and another 5 and so on....But once they alter their good ways then its sayaonara. Maybe by then there will be another Anwar reborn. So for now we shall concentrate on relieving the duties of UMNO from the burden of running a country that they find problem to deal with.
    So, Steady aku, please give us more inspiring writes....

  8. Dear H thank you for the above . I have been reading an english daily for years and it is very obvious that the paper is full of praise for the current leaders .

    And I an odinary citizen could not comprehend the kind of perfect projection that they create . Are they so prefect that they can do no wrong ? Are they so prefect that all their projects will benefit the people ? Are they infallible that the people clamor round to have their pictures taken . I never met ANY of them personally NOT because I have made up my mind to support this or that person . BUT because of the perfect image.

    Logic tells me when one is human , there is always the capacity to make mistakes that is why it IS a great man who dares to apologize AND SAYS "I AM SORRY". Then again religion says that "..all have sinned" Then again, logic tells me a person cannot be that bad - but That is all that has been written about DSAI...NOT A SINGLE good press...ALL bad... I cannot comprehend!!

    Yet I can see that DSAI have alot of support from the people. Because logic also ask me why DSAI can still keep the D in his title whenever the press reference him IF he is THAT bad.

    Dear H thank you for helping me to understand DSAI better . I am NOT a blind believer to every word in the papers . Infact because of the perfect projection since dr M's time , I got tired of reading the political section . It was that long ago.

    You have revived my interest again ...thank you.

    By the way , why are you so far away? Hoping to hear from you !

  9. Spot on Dato. Very good article. especailly Like the part in asking ah jib gor to F@#$ off :)

  10. syair....please read my posting this morning "if you could read my mind...." and it may explain how I blog.

    anon 9.30 ...please read my posting "We will not come home to vote...." and maybe it will explain why I am so far away. Sometimes my heartstring tugs at me because I am so far away from home...but today for me where I am is home.