Sunday 17 June 2012


The Sultan Of Johore is now embroil in a spat with Bekas Menteri Besat Perak Mohammad Nizar about a Number Plate!

Not about poverty amongst the rural Malays.

Not about the lack of affordable housing for the Nation’s poor.

Not about the increasing civil unrest created by the Pendatangs as the settle into a way of life alien to them in OUR country!

Not about clean, open and free elections!

The spat is about a Number Plate costing RM$520,000!

If that Sultan has got that kind of Ringgits lying around to spare to buy a number plate let him go buy it. I do not really care whether he or his son gives their salary to any foundation or charity….and if they do why go and tell everyone else? Just keep quiet lah! Why the need to boost!

As for Nizar  I suggest that he just focus on the coming 13
general elections. No need to go and apologize or ‘meyembah duli.” Those days are over. Just use Twitter lah! I am sure Tuanku is Twitter savvy.      


  1. Can't agree with you more. Talk about getting their priorities correct. Serve the rakyat!!!

  2. far as Malaysian and it's sultan is concerned....I really am giving up....but I have one word for the idiotic bunch,by that I meant the nine sultans and it's so called rakyat jelata........FUCK.

  3. Is there really a need to maintain NOT ONE BUT A BUNCH OF SULTANS?? Are we still living in feudal times??