Sunday 17 June 2012

If you could read my mind...what a tale my thoughts could tell!

Sometimes I stop to consider if I can carry on blogging at the rate I am now doing. The news cycle sucks in new stories at the speed of light – churns it around at breakneck speed while picking out what it wants to focus and dissects upon and then spits out the entrails and husk of what is left with great indifference. If luck is with me I enter willingly at the very inset of the breaking news and take what I can that is on offer – give it my treatment before posting it on my blog : hoping against hope that there will be someone out there who will give my blog the time of day for a quickie before some other breaking story catches their attention.

There is no luxury of time to ponder and sleep upon a breaking story – it is a ‘now’ thing that waits for no blogger and the readers out there shows no mercy it we get it wrong. And wrong or right is subjective – there is no universal decision makers that can decide these matters. Only the news cycle will pronounce the right and wrong of what you write by the clicks you get once you put it into the public domain. You write – others decide!

If you get it right then the adrenalin rush keeps you going for another day. Many times I sit in front of my PC empty of that ‘oomph’ energy and devoid of any thoughts that could trigger my passion to write on current affairs.

It is hard to think on cue…harder still to write on cue. Go try it. Go to Malaysiakita and scroll down what is on offer. Identify what you think is interesting and become the news and take the news cycle by storm. Better still if it becomes the main act in the news cycle for that day. That is enough time to dash our your take on the ‘news’  and post it on your blog!

For those of you that blog as I do I think you all know the rush you feel as you click ‘publish’ and see what you write there on your blog……..and you tell yourself “That was worth it!”

For those of you that tell us as you see it  - good or bad, ok or not – let me have my say on what you say. I marvel at those of you that find what I write offensive and yet are stupid enough to come back time and time again to read what I write….are you idiots glutton for punishments or are you guys paid to do just that? Sticks and stones may break my bones but talk does not bother me.

I write when I want to write. I write what I want to write. If I want to take a day off I do…sometimes I take three to four months off! I write to my own agenda and nobody else. I am unfailingly polite because that was what I was taught to be by my parents. So far this blogging thing has been a blast for me……I hope a blast that would last for a while longer. For those who read what I write…thank you!

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