Wednesday 20 June 2012


— Ali Kadir
The Malaysian Insider
June 19, 2012
JUNE 19 — Everything begins and ends with this question: Do you trust them?
Do you trust Khaled Nordin to look after the interest of Malaysians or do you believe that the Parliamentary Select Committee was set up to regurgitate information provided by Lynas and merely rubber stamp an investment already banked in by the Barisan Nasional government?
Please bear in mind that Khaled is also the minister who believed he was doing the right thing when he froze federal loans to students at Unisel in a show a political gamesmanship that he lost.
Do you trust Rais Yatim when he tells all and sundry that only 22,000 Malaysians attended Bersih 3.0?
Do you trust M. Kayveas when he says that urban Malaysians are navel-gazers and an ungrateful bunch who only know how to whine?
Do you trust Muhyiddin Yassin when he says that the BN government has forged national unity in Malaysia?
This coming from the man who is the darling of the party’s right-wing movement, the politician ensconced with Perkasa and Pekida, and the man who really believes that Malay unity is the same as national unity.
Do you trust Idris Jala when he talks about statistics, whether it is crime stats or a prosperity index?
Should you trust anyone who supposedly transformed Malaysia Airlines and basked in the glory of “success”, only for Malaysians to be told now that the national icon is on the verge of collapse?
Trust. This is what it boils down to. I dare say that no one in the Malaysian Cabinet can command that important ingredient today when their lips move

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