Sunday 14 August 2011

Power, Money, Sex and DSAI !

What does money and power do to your sex life? Or to be more exact – what did money and power do to DSAI’s sex life? More varied, more robust more exotic or perhaps more a bit of this and more a bit of that? “This” being men and “that” being women. “This” being someone’s wife and “that” being someone’s husband or fiance? If the stories are to be believed DSAI’s money and power did seem to lead him towards a more daring and exciting sex lives. Of course the operative word here is what is “daring” and what is “exciting”. Would a tryst with Saiful be daring or exciting?  But I digress….

So far DSAI has led a charmed life.

From outside of UMNO he gained direct entry into it’s self proclaimed elite leadership structure at the invitation of Mahathir himself.

Avowing initially to not go against Ghaffar Baba in the race for the DPM post he nevertheless was not beyond mounting a self orchestrated  campaign to  support himself for the same position – culminating in that embarrassing show of overwhelming “support” that caused DSAI to change his mind because it would seem that everyone wanted him to be DPM. Not he himself, but everyone else!

Here was our real first look at DSAI’s moral fiber…or the lack of it. When he has to make decisions that would benefit himself personally,  he matters, not Ghaffar. Not the undertaking he has given to not contest Ghaffar for the DPM post. Malaysia was left with the sad spectacle of Ghaffar Baba (a good man who had served his country loyally for many years) not given the dignity of retiring gracefully! Why did DSAi not have the good sense then to do the right thing by Ghaffar? But in the euphoria of DSAI becoming DPM all that registered was that a messiah has come. Mahathir had a real fight on his hands.  

He then skillfully went about the business of “Anwarisation” – cajoling, persuading and where necessary “negotiating” for support wherever needed to  eventually make Mahathir go running to Daem for an ally.

Much too soon he was sacked as DPM, convicted of corruption, acquitted of sodomy one, and now on with sodomy two…. and in between all this he still had time to put together Pakatan Rakyat and become leader of the opposition.

In spite of all this…or should I say despite all this he has managed to cling on to some semblance of being the “People’s and the popular ” people’s champion. He has managed to make many believe that he is the person targeted unfairly by the Government for wrongs he has never done. So good is his ability to assume this “underdog” persona that he managed to take the high road of being the “wronged” rather then being “in the wrong”. He even has the Lion of Jelutong – Karpal Singh himself – in his corner. The same Karpal Singh who…

  • On 22-10-1997 Parliamentary session, YB Karpal Singh accused the then Deputy PM, YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, of being involved in sodomy.
  • In early 1998, Karpal Singh proclaimed in the DAP Ceramah in the Federal Hotel that he had evidence in his hand that the then Deputy PM was involved in sodomy.
Then why have steadyaku47 been for DSAI all this time? I must be a hypocrite or was being paid for my silence. 


I have always maintained that DSAI is where he is by default. There simply is no body better for now. And we need the best to win against UMNO. So why this change of heart?

I had hope against hope that he will change. We had need of DSAI then because was it not him who pulled DAP, PAS and PKR together? YES HE DID. But then was then. This is now!

Dato Onn was the founder of UMNO and yet he left UMNO – or was he pushed? Tunku and Mahathir too had their moments with UMNO. And now DSAI will have his moments with Pakatan Rakyat!

What would happen when UMNO takes DSAI out of Pakatan Rakyat orbit? Unlike Mahathir and Pak Lah, Najib and the UMNO we know now have has no qualms about taking DSAI out of contention for the 13th General Election using whatever means it has at hand. What then? Will PKR and Pakatan Rakyat run around like a chicken without its head trying to regroup against a rampaging UMNO? An UMNO that now knows what has to be done to neutralize DSAI.

At a drop of a hat DSAI’s people can muster groups of DSAI faithful (in the thousands if need be!) to turn up anywhere and everywhere to demonstrate and show their support of this self-proclaimed messiah.And this ability DSAI uses to his advantage when required without worrying about the consequences of his actions.

So who is this DSAI actually? Ask those who worked in the Ministry of Finance when DSAI was Minister of Finanace…ask them what they saw happened in his office. Not only matters of national importance but also that of personal importance – personal to DSAI.

This recklessness of DSAI’s in his personal affairs is there for all to see in his “affair” with Saiful. What stupidity for DSAI to be alone with a young effeminate personal assistant when he has been through Sodomy one? When he should know what ills await his personal self should such a “situation” be construed to be “questionable” at best and “predatory” at worst? Or is he not aware of that person within him that takes this recklessness to its very extreme? Are there too many DSAI within Anwar to even confuse Anwar?

He is the pious Muslim who can be the Iman at prayers. Remember those time when he was Pak Sheikh?” He is also that loving husband of Azizah and doting father to his children. Is the family being tightly held together because they are all in denial of the many DSAI or is the pull of power and money too strong to let go. If his family breaks up then too many of DSAI persona breaks up too! Disaster for his political ambitions and his family will have to start living within their means. Families are prepared to bond together for less…much less then the possibility that DSAI will be PM of Malaysia one day!

Azizah had thought of separation while DSAI was DPM – but now the need to show a united family front overcomes all other considerations. And so to all intent and purposes, DSAI is a family man. And to all intent and purposes his sexual preference is intent on both sexes. 

So who cares what he does in his private moments? In the privacy of any room? Who cares what happened between Saiful and DSAI? And it has even been said many times over that whatever DSAI does with a donkey, men or women, there will still want him to lead Pakatan Rakayat and be Prime Minister!

With a minute there….If DSAI professes to be a Muslim and DSAI wants to be Prime Minister of a Malaysia where Islam is the Official Religion then  should we not care?

Here in Australia, the Minister of Finance recently announced that she and her partner were having a baby. No drama here except that the Minster of Finance is a “SHE” and her partner is also a “SHE” – they are lesbians. And the good Minister was formerly from Malaysia…but as I said, no drama here. Do this in Malaysia and she will be chased out of parliament faster then you or any one else can to say  “Pak Sheikh or Altantuya!”. 

And here lies the problem with DSAI. Apart from the lying bit he has gone to many places where all Muslims should not go. Kartina almost got caned for drinking beer. The Police went in and killed those deviants Malays in Memali. Ayah Pin had his commune in Besut demolished and he now lives in exile in Thailand. You eat in Public during Ramadan and you will be arrested. And sodomy is a crime in Malaysia. So should there be any question asked why Najib and gang are going after DSAI for sodomy two?

Yes it is political, yes it is the opportune time to go after DSAI with the elections around the corner – but after sodomy one Najib would have to be stupid to go after DSAI for sodomy two if he does not think there is a strong possibility of conviction….and granted he has his failings, Najib is not that stupid!

Why Azizah has been with him all this time is a question you will have to ask Azizah yourself. Nurul has found it necessary at times to distance herself from her father on some matters – and I am sure this will become the norm rather then a rarity as she increasingly takes center stage on behalf of PKR.

Azizah and DSAI are tainted goods. That does not make Azizah a bad person. She is a dutiful wife. She has sacrificed much in her life for Anwar. But she has not been true to herself. She knows the many wrongs that Anwar has done. She has been in denial for too long. It is time they both retire gracefully while they still can instead of being in the way of what is to come when the 13th General Election is upon us. If they are still with us then God help Pakatan Rakyat because Azizah and DSAI will not!  


  1. "Azizah had thought of separation while DSAI was DPM"

    Did you get this from public sources or you got this from someone who heard it from Azizah or something?

  2. "but after sodomy one Najib would have to be stupid to go after DSAI for sodomy two if he does not think there is a strong possibility of conviction…"

    With the state of the Judiciary and the Police being such in Malaysia why would not Najib have confidence to get that conviction?

  3. This post is just gossip and innuendo not based on facts. Again digging up old stuff demonizing Anwar.

  4. There you are again Hussein, telling stories without providing evidences. We would very much like to see evidences and pass the necessary judgement on Anwar.

    For now it seems your stories are more of personal vendetta. No differences from UMNO/BN goons in running down Anwar.

    Common man, I think you are smarter than that.

  5. Pak Hussein, If you lie, you are not a liar?

  6. All i see is people asking for proof. The proof is out there. Just connect the dots well enough and you will see that Pak Hussein does a pretty good job.

  7. I would like to say again, please look at the big picture. Please save Malaysia from the rampant corruption, but you still insist on looking at the dots and trying to connect them. Well, to each his own... I cant convince you, but neither can you convince me

  8. Both Najib and DSAI have their own weaknesses.

    So let's forget about them or UMNO , why not get a new candidiate for the PM post preferably someone from PAS ?

  9. Anwar is not D MAN,I repeat not D MAN,open up your eyes guys,we have got many of them in PR,in fact in abundance to leads us, to be D MAN.

  10. U mean Rosmah is better & deserves another chance? OMG!

  11. I have to agree.

    In no way does it matters to me what DSAI does personally...but, is he not a politician?

    Unfortunately, he has not managed to do his job as a politician, which includes keeping his image clean enough so as not be a risk to the rest of us in the next GE.

    I would still vote for him, no doubt, but mind you, being a risk as he is, there are many that may not. This is why he is a risk to PR.

  12. Must hate the players,but not hate the game, we know that the oldest trick to kill politician is abt sex. where we go from here? ' miracle is irrelevant. What is relevant is that I felt your votes makes some different and you chosen another monkey politician thats another story.

  13. Everyone thought of separation at one time or another...DIDN'T YOU?

    Anyway tell us about the PD case, the Diam stories...because Anwar's sotry getting boring lah!

  14. All Ihave read are innuendoes and rumours but no proof. I'm no Anwar fanboy but I believe in giving every person his right to be heard.

    You, on the other hand, and I have noticed in many of your postings, supplied nothing but gossip and coffee-shop talk. Come on lah... you can do better than that!

    While I agree that there are others more capable than Anwar, he stands as the symbol of our resistance to BN crooks. However, we'll have to come to terms with the very real possibility that someone else stepping up to hold the mantle.

    Who will it be?

  15. Is this why DSAI, or Azizah, wont bring out the Omega watch in the latest tryst on video? The Omega watch would once and for all, put to bed all these flying conspiracies and rumours. And if the rumours are true, why wont either party (DSAI and wife Vs Datuk T and Gomen) provide irrefutable proof either way? And why is Saiful's testimony, along with his arse, so riddled with holes? Neither party - the plaintiff and the defendent - can provide a strong case although I am inclined to side with DSAI because his defence presents more logic.

    Well, looks like the answers are blowing in the wind.

    Whatever the truth may be, at the end of the day, who cares about DSAI's sexual life. Just becauseu are gay or bi or heterosexual or even impotent doesnt mean you cant run the country. All the rakyat wants, after all this shit that has been happening under our present Gomen, is good governance. And if PKR, when voted in, cant give that to us, then we vote them out again in 1 term. Simple as that.

  16. Hussien,
    I"m curious as to why you are wasting your effort and time in writing and speculating about DSAI's personal life.
    Why don't you comment or enlighten us on the massive corruption and abuse of power of the current and past BN ministers or politicians?This you do not have to speculate as the evidence are all present for us to see, (eg T. Ramli on MAS case, persecution of Ramli Yusoff etc...)
    Or are you one of the many "enducated" muslims who thinks corruption is accepatable? Or maybe you get a regular cheque from the BN gov to spend it in Australia?

  17. Man, I thought you had good taste in music and jokes but you now sound like an old broken record. Take another longer break please and change your physician.


  18. Just to remind Pak Hussein that we are in the month of Rmadhan. Do not add more sin of yours with this fitnah. Please ask forgiveness from ANWAR and ALLAH swt. As long as you don't do that the sin because of this write-up will be always haunted you. This is clear in Al-Quran

  19. Memfitnah dan megaibkan orang adalah satu kesalahan dalam Islam.
    Berhati hati lah kerana kamu pasti akan menjawab apa yang kamu tulis di akhirat kelak.
    Janji ALLAH pasti akan berlaku.

  20. You need evidence, not drop bird droppings and then say, "well, there were birds here". Not one shred of absolute evidence - all hypothetical. Even Najib's sms to Razak Baginda's lawyer is clearly evidenced - that is good enough to charge him for abuse of power. On the other hand, whatever is being produced as "evidence" in sodomy 2 wouldn't hold a candle and would have been thrown out if our courts were truly independent. That is what I see - manipulation by Najib & Co. What about the sex video clip - what happened to that? You could tell that the way it was bandied about before Bersih 2 stole the limelight, that the greater scheme is to bring DSAI down. But UMNO is capable of such machination. Just look at another round of purported sex allegation iro Mat Sabu that started to make its round right after he became PAS DPM? What does that tell you about UMNO's capability..??..And that is what I do not understand UMNO at all. They still deem DSAI as their greatest enemy. No - civil society has overtaken that. UMNO's No.1 enemy is the rakyat that have woken up. Tell Mahathir & Najib to stop gunning for DSAI.

  21. Are you sure what you are saying or are you to the PR man for you should know better. Why in Malaysia whay happen behind close door are of public concern.

  22. How come you spoke as if you were hiding in the room while both incidents of sodomy took place? Show the evidence...

  23. Salam Ramadhan ,sempena Nuzul Al Quraan malam ini -17 Ramadhan tuan sila baca Tafsir Surah An-Nur dari ayat 2-15.Surah ini dikirimkan oleh Allah terutama kpd individu spt tuan dan yg sependapat dgn tuan.Sempena Ramadhan ini muhasabahlah diri kita masing-masing

  24. This Pak Hussein is coming out with his allegations timed perfevtly for the coming GE. If Malaysian ringgit is tidak cukup boleh bayar dalam AUD. Who did you meet or see before you pen this piece of supposedly half lie / half truth article ?

    Ingat orang tidak boleh baca melaluinys ?

    Well, I could only say every man has a price but the price sometimes is not worth it to "menfitnahkan" another Muslim.

  25. Pak Hussein, terror woh. You knew a lot. How come you did not volunteer these information to Police. They searched high and low you know. What else to pile on Anwar. Thats why the famous tilam has to come.

    What made you were more astounding is the fact that you are not even in Malaysia now. Envy lo, you hebat lah Sir. Malayu in Australia Boleh.

  26. double barrel mouth this ak47.

  27. Dear Sir,
    I am no Anwar worshipper ( and neither did I worship any of our leaders, for that matter. But I think you are missing the point. Did Anwar at any time claim that he is an Angel or an Immortal.( Show me an Angel in our current Cabinet and I will show you God himself!!!). Pls for one second dont think that the Anwarists( Lol )are mere mindless puppets stringed by Anwar.
    The fact of the matter is this:
    if someone has committed an offence, charge him according to the law. The general perception is that this is a politically motivated trumped-up charge! As one reader said, if Anwar really screwed Saiful, then why why is Saiful's arse riddled with so many holes. Just look at the trial...if u hv any sense at all, you would hv a fair idea what a kangaroo court is all abt ( arent u in the land of kangaroos?).
    Therein lies the rub: TREAT HIM WITH DECENCY, thats all the rakyat clamour for! WHEN IT SUITS UMNO, THEY SAY DO NOT GO AGAINST A FELLOW MUSLIM!! Tell me Sir, who is thrashing Sdr Anwar and his Family to simtherens? The Indians and the Chinese? And while at it,who castrated and clipped the wings of our royalty? The Indians and the Chinese?

    So instead of indulging in idle talk, substantiate your essay with some cogent facts.

  28. "He is the pious Muslim who can be the Iman at prayers."

    A Muslim who can't differentiate between "Iman" and "Imam"... I'd say, you've read too many western news, bro.