Wednesday 17 August 2011

Woi Din...steadylah!


Hishammuddin says Star’s apology not enough

August 16, 2011
PUTRAJAYA, Aug 16 — The Star newspaper has been asked to do more to soothe hurt Muslim feelings over its insensitive “Dining Out” articles by Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein.
The minister said he was dissatisfied with the daily’s response to the “mistake”, which is why he summoned its chief editor today for an explanation. Hishammuddin said a “very clear apology” has to be made to Muslims.
The Star’s chief editor had already been called up by the ministry's Deputy Secretary-General (Security) Datuk Abdul Rahim Mohamad Radzi in connection to this matter, and an apology was issued. However Hishammuddin (picture) said at today’s press conference that many were still unhappy with the newspaper over the mistake.
The minister said since the matter did not die out after the first apology from The Star, more had to be done to reduce the political temperature.
The newspaper’s supplement last week under the headline “Ramadan Delight” put out articles about non-halal restaurants and pictures of pork dishes. Pork is forbidden for Muslims and parading it in a page promoting food for the Muslim fasting month is seen as very offensive.

steadyaku47 comment:
Din what is so offensive about putting pictures of pork dishes with Ramadan Delight? Were you educated in one of those Madrasah in Rawalpindi or was it at that Madrasah in the southern port of Karachi? Or were you at Wifaq-ul-Madaris Pakistan? If so what were you doing with that can on beer? 
At your level in government is it not your responsibility if not your duty to lessen the religious divide not widen it? You know as well as I do that the most effective way of raising the ire of any Muslim is to mention pork and food in the very same breath - as you are now doing! For what Din? To inform all and sundry that you are policing the interest of Islam during Ramadan and that you want kudos's for what you do? If you do then you are truly an opportunist idiot!  
Why not try growing up Din? Why not try to do the decent thing? How? Call the Star Editor and tell him not to do that silly thing again under pain of having the ISA thrown at him ( just to put the fear of God into him in case he is not scared of you) ...and I bet you that will do the trick! It will never happen again! 
But what you do is to play up the whole thing! You think this will be good for your image? If you do think it will be good for your image then you really do not have the capacity to understand what any sensible voters will want you to do - settle it responsibly and get it out of the public domain asap. And nobody will be none the wiser and the religious and racial divide becomes narrower. 
But your "any publicity is good publicity" mentality is doing you more harm then good. Get your Keris out and go stand in front of the mirror...preferably with that Son of Ali beside you. Now repeat after me: "Cepat di masak. Sedap di makan...cepat di masak...sedap di makan...""....yes Din that is the Maggi Mee commercial and you and that General Ibrahim Ali (without an Army) should do the role gratis just to atone for this stupid attempt to win political points by trying to whip up anti Islamic sentiments amongst the Muslims against the non-Muslims.
Go write 1000 lines of "I must not try to whip up anti Islamic sentiments during Ramadhan" and when you finish you may give yourself a slap on the wrist for being a very naughty and mischievous Menteri Rumah!    


  1. Apa kau kata le Labu.......

  2. The Apology Mentality of UMNO is when a sin is done by UMNO apology is not necessary, if a sin is done to UMNO apology is not enough.

  3. I just can't understand the Malaysian muslims fearfulness of this daging babi thing when all other things like drinking beer,fucking someones else wife,corruption ,ploundering the taxpayers money and what not is tolerated by most of them and to all this dirty mind hypocrite I have this to say,A sin is a sin la stupids......

  4. HH,

    Your write up on the idiot Din should be an open letter instead. As his name suggests, he is nothing more than making noisy din.

  5. Anyway, is this not "potong jalan" into the purview of a certain Ph D minister?

  6. WELCOME BACK PAK HAMID! You and your wits are sorely missed.