Saturday 13 August 2011

If you lie....are you not a Liar?

When you do wrong it does not matter who you are. UMNO, MCA, MIC or Pakatan Rakyat. When you do wrong then you are wrong! When you lie then you are a liar. And when you profess to be a Muslim you do not fornicate outside marriage and sodomy is a sin! So for those of you who are die hard supporters of Najib or Anwar, of Pakatan Rakyat or Barisan Nasional, you must step back and listen to your heart. Listen to that beating heart, put your hand on that beating heart and ask yourself what does our country and our people need?
Do our country and people need a change in Government? Do we need a Najib or an Anwar to be our Prime Minister? Does our country need Pakatan Rakyat to be in power?
What our country needs are decent, responsible and honest leaders who will govern our country in our interest. Not theirs. Find these leaders and we will find our way out of this mess that our country is now in.
Where do we look for these leaders? From within Barisan Nasional or from within Pakatan Rakyat? Certainly none of the first tier leaders from within both political divide in our country can meet our aspirations of the leader we want. Look all you want, seek for them even within the second tier of political leaders that we now have … you will not find them. It would seem that within Malaysia now there is a dearth of good, responsible and honest politicians.
And there are some amongst you that have asked me to name one politician now in Malaysia that can meet the standards I have asked of them – accountability, responsibility and honesty. You tell me no such politician exists! 
My friends, they do not exist because we are prepared to accept something less than the best. We are prepared to close one eye and shut the other … read that again … close one eye and shut the other … and in so doing we get Mahathir, Najib, Muhyiddin, that Din guy and Anwar to be in position to claim that they are our leaders. Theyclaim that they are our leaders … we do not claim that they are … at least I do not!
So how has it come to this? How is it that we have a Mahathir that has ruled us for over 3 decades, an Anwar that has been sacked as DPM and has endured sodomy one and is now embroiled in sodomy two and do not forget this Najib too. Najib who has yet to explain to us his involvement in the Altantuya murder and the waste of billions of ringgit of the people’s money while he was Minister of Defense? How has it come to pass that these are the people who are currently jostling for a position within the first tier of Malaysian politics? Why is there no Tun Razak, no Hussein Onn, no Tan Chee Koon and no Sambathan (to name a few)?
These people are not around today because we are now prepared to accept less. Our leaders offer bribes to voters to vote for them. We tell ourselves that that is the way of Malaysian politics! Our leaders declare that they will take over the government on such and such a date and when that date passes without anything happening … we excuse his bluff as being part and parcel of Malaysian politics. And yet we fail to blame ourselves for the half past six leaders that we now have right in the first tier of our political parties!
We make Malaysian politics the way it has now become. Corrupt, sleazy, always a “me first” power at all costs abyss of human beings whom we would not want our son or daughter to take as their partners in life!
So where to now? I have made my mistakes too and I would be the first to say these are mistakes that must be corrected. I have begun the process, within myself, to question my stand on a number of issues. I, me and myself will now try to subjugate what are partisan interests and instead put the greater interests of country and our people first. It starts today.


  1. Hussein, you have maintained that Anwar is guilty of sodomy but we have been waiting for your solid reasons on why you have such opinions but you have not offered them yet so we are still waiting.

    "Our leaders declare that they will take over the government on such and such a date and when that date passes without anything happening"

    My take on that is that politicians tend to back the winning side so if Anwar can convinced some BN that he has the number, some may be more confident of switching sides. So these are likely political manuveuring and not actually lying. What do you have to say about that?

  2. Dear Pak Hussein,

    I fully subscribe to what you write. I am also waiting for the day when this country of ours is led by honest, sincere and god-fearing people. At this age of mine, I do not think I will ever see such a day, and it is for this reason, I have told my children to start fending for themselves. I can no longer trust the well being of my future generation to our political masters ever.

  3. Between the two divides of our political ideologies, we have not many choices but to pick one out of two. You might have sounded for the so called Third Force for a new choice but right now that third force is yet to come to being. If you talked about the sameness of PR and BN in power, to me I'm talking about the difference and that difference is to live under a government not of that dirty UMNO again and again.

  4. Dear Pak Hussein,

    A group of robbers will not elect an imam to be their leaders.

    Our present leaders reflects the state of our comunity. The mahadirism era had ruined what was founded and had rendered our society to what was it today.

    Hargreaves Hall once stood to witness opposition leaders invited to have their piece heard. Now, we have abundance of youth smiling away not knowing anything. Of course there are exception, and on these few would we depend and hope for change.

    Perhaps this bersih claim about SPR would console many, that a substantial portion of our comunity had done something right. Lets exhaust all our resources to have this Bersih going on so that the ballots reflect the 'truth.'

    Nevertheless, in any circumstances we should not let umno to govern us. We will see where we should go after that happened. I believe, there is nothing more to lose than what we had already lost.

  5. Not yet convinced....first it is not my opinion that he is guilty of sodomy...I know he is!

    If you say you are going to take over the govt on such and such a day and you do not do can call it politcal mauovering...I call it lying!