Monday 15 August 2011

All things Malaysian and a Vegemite sandwich...

It is 9.22 a.m. here in Adelaide. Cold, wet winter morning. I have been up since 5.30 a.m. According to my stats some 260 of my friends have already visited me this morning. To every one a Very Good Morning….even those that are dropping by my site on behalf of those UMNO goons. A very special Selamat Pagi to you guys…jangan lupa ni Ramadan…steady sikit dengan comment comment you are posting for me but if truth be told, I will still hantam your boss lah!

The Malaysian Insider reported today that “ After two years as PM, Najib losing middle ground”. Sheesh you guys simply write all these sweeping statement without due regard to Najib’s situation. He is an appointed Prime Minister. He does not have any mandate from the people to govern (not that it mattered to him or his First Lady). Let him drift wherever he likes….

“In the long run Najib is moving to the right, and is running a big risk. Not everyone supports right-wing sentiments.
“There is credence to the arguments that Najib is drifting away from the centre. Despite his proposals for reform and overtures to the non-Malay community, these are still in traction,” said Merdeka Center director Ibrahim Suffian.

Surely Najib’s priority is how he remains Prime Minister of Malaysia…something about the office of PM being a sanctuary from the ever-present ghost of Altantuya. How he has been able to have the thick face to govern our country without getting the mandate to do so through an election is simply Najib being Najib.

From the time he was Mentri Besar of Pahang until present day when has Najib ever gone out on a limb on any issue – whether personal or national? The phase “no guts no glory” is unknown to him. How can you be master of a ship if you do not go out in it in stormy weather? Our country is not only in stormy weather but we see no land in sight where we can seek respite from the storm – and yet this PM of ours is doing his “steady as she goes” impersonation on the bridge of the ship hoping that his crew is oblivious of the storm raging around them. What a hope…a leader deaf and blind and not seeing the plight our country is now in.

As if that is not enough he has this Son of Ali threatening to “do something” to Najib’s government if it fails to take action over three outstanding matters:

Bersih 2.0’s “illegal rally”, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s alleged sex video and DAP’s “Christian conspiracy”.

Aisehman Najib must be quaking in his shoes at these threats by Brahim Beruk …and just on cue (possibly from that Kerala guy again) Brahim tells Najib that Perkasa members have begun to lose confidence in Najib’s administration. Right! Brahim tell me something I do not know!

Najib not guts no glory….you do not have to “berani mati”….but you do need to flex your muscles once in a while – especially at Brahim. Remember Mahathir saying “Booo” to Nazri…do the same to Brahim and I bet you that guy will run like a frighten jack rabbit! That is what the ISA can do to some people…including you I guess.

I need to go and have breakfast now…no nasi lemak or roti chanai…just a cup of coffee and a vegemite sandwich. Amen….


  1. Good Morning Pak Hussein!
    Greeting fr Malaysia!Keep up the writing and thank you for writing too

  2. Hi Pak Steady

    Vegemite Sandwich

    Remind me of my Uni days in Melbourne

  3. Good Morning Mr. Hamid! Sorry, I mean Mr. or Bro Hussein. Just read The Economist's article on Penang and the writer referred to the CM as Mr. Eng! I suppose only Malaysians know the difference between Malay and Chinese names and how to address such names in English.

  4. Hello Mate,

    When are you coming to Kuantan and have teh tarik and roti canai?

    And we can spend the whole time going down memory lane and maybe touch base with our bro' Sakmongol47.

  5. Yo man,I thought you are gone for good after being missing for sometime but now sure good to have you back again,things just does not the same without your pieces these past few days,keep it flowing man and dont forget to chill.......

  6. Hi to one and all....

    KoSong Cafe....I have been called Abdul, Chinaman and of course "You stupid Idiot"..even by friends...but you all can call me "SIR"...gurau aja...

    Anon...Kuantan reminds me of carefree days...but Telok Chempedak is so overdeveloped...cannot see the beach anymore! is winter here lah...dah cukup chill!

  7. i enjoy reading ur articles esp when u write in conversational style. have a nice day and continue the writings

  8. Thanking you so much for keeping us informed esp when you are in overseas. You have the privilege of stepping back and look at your beloved country in a wider perspective. Perhaps you also receive much more feedbacks than most in Msia. Cheers and Bravo

  9. Wah, u betul daring ah? U ended your piece with 'Amen'! If u are in Malaysia, Jais would have raided your home! Gud on u mate!