Tuesday 16 August 2011

cakap cakap...Who is behind steadyaku47?

Ok Pete what you can do I also can do lah! But first must give respect where respect is due….please Pete…tolong kasi saya jalan…OK? I can see him smiling…so I guess that is an “OK”. Right on Pete!

I did look behind me and I see nothing. Nobody. Like most other bloggers I write what I want. We ask for donation and a few good soul do donate. When I know I have written something good (this is very subjective) I post it and is on a high the whole day. Sometimes I become the news rather then being the one to bring the news…but only for a fleeting minute or so…and then only for target practice by those of you that want to vent your anger and ridicule on me for writing what is in my heart. But then I should have known better and kept those things in my heart for to put anything into the public domain means that there will be those that will invariably think what you write is offensive. So really you cannot win.

But the kick I get from knowing that there are some amongst you that share my thoughts is indeed invigorating.

I do despair sometimes as to how I will get that oomph to come up with things to write. It is a frightening feeling to have that mental block because you think that everything that needs to be written about has been written. What can I write about today? What spin can I give to a story that is already one week old? How do I react to those who keep reminding me that it is Ramadhan and I need to be careful where I tread? And some will beseech me to read a particular ayat of the Tafsir Surah An-Nur hoping that in so doing I will be converted to their way of doing things.

There is only one constant in my life and that is “change”. My thoughts and my beliefs are always open to change as and when I am exposed to things that I am not aware of before. Nothing is sacred but there are matters that I do not have the courage to venture into. Religion for one.It is too personal to expect anyone to have any robust and open discussions on. So where I can, I steer clear of it.

I hope I have been able to explain to you who is behind steadyaku47. You all are. What you say to me in your comments to what I write…the numbers that visit my blog …….the donations you sent me….all these moves me to write. Even as I sit here alone in a suburb in Adelaide facing my PC and waiting for that oomph to start writing, I know that FMZam, Shuk, Pak Oncu, Bernard, KoSong Café, Tiger, Pak Arshad Raji, Jassman, Suci Dalam Debu, Lita, Pat, Geronimo, manhchikla, …God you all know who you are… and lots and lots of Anon are waiting to see what this old man is going to come up with this time. Let us hope that this old man will not disappoint. 


  1. Thanks a lot for mentioning me, the hermit wannabe. I feel honoured!

    Actually, from what we write, people get to know us better, from our daily thoughts and what we have been up to. Sincere and without pretence. We do not have to suck up to others as to what we should be writing. I stay away from party politics because it would restrict what I wish to write or post, sometimes obscene pictures which might reflect badly on the party. I have not linked any PAS politician's blog simply because it might embarrass them too. So, even with perceived freedom of expression, the many self-imposed constraints are already stifling. I am not as bold as you. Keep it up.

  2. Like ko song,I m honoured too and I always of the thought that you wrote from the heart and that is more than make my day-you and pete and sakmonkol and a few more,I love you all for standing for freedom of expression and will be looking foward for more from you guys.....

  3. Pak Hussein,

    You have the freedom to write and please make good use of it. Kalau ada orang tak suka, jangan pedulikan sangat. Saya sendiri, kadangkala kena hentam kiri dan kanan. Kalau kita berani meluahkan fikiran kita thru our writings, then kita mesti berani mempertahankan apa yang kita tulis. It is true that kebenaran itu, suka hendak diterima oleh orang.
    Keep writing Pak Hussein dan selamat berpuasa.

  4. We all did to Hussein what a friend does to a friend he believes in, in a very heating moment take some of the heat off Hussein at our expense.

  5. Pak steady,
    Feel honored been mention in your blog.
    But my name is jassmen :-) not jassman..
    FYI, I will check your blog everyday for update.
    Keep it coming pak. Heard it from someway- I learnt from you , you learnt for me . Kita sama sama belajar.