Saturday 13 August 2011

Again I write...

This is my blog. I do with it, as I like. Do not try to second-guess me…you will never be able to get into my head. Never ever. Sometimes I do things in a systematic manner. Sometimes I do things in the moment. Sometimes I, me and myself do not know what I will do. I make mistakes…sometimes stupid mistakes but that is I. In my moments of clarity I know what mistakes I make and I try to correct myself – not always successfully but I try.

If you read what I write I am thankful…I promise you that every piece that I post is posted because it was the best I could do at that point of time. Never second best…only the best because that is what you deserve if you take the trouble to read what I write.

You see guys I am an oddity. I am unencumbered by anything. Not race, not religion, not the norms of societies, as we know it. The only considerations that concerns me are my wife, my two children and the family they have. Apart from that I do, as I like.

And now where do I go?

I will continue to work on this blog. To those of you that agree or disagree with me I wish you only good health and a good life. Nothing you write, good or bad will disturb me adversely. Where it suits me I will share with you my deepest thought, my thought process and you can agree to agree or disagree with you. 

And if you say that I write to suit myself…yes I do. My vested interest comes first…and then maybe others. In this respect I am a selfish bastard. But you are warned….a selfish bastard I am and a selfish bastard I will be. So remember this….think what you want of what I write....... but always, at that time of my writing, it is the best I can do.  


  1. A relief to see your blog is back after a few days of notice of removal, thought you've given up already. But then knowing you since the beginning, it is just not Hussein to block his thought from flowing when his mean to keep it flowing is by blogging. Your blog is a big river Pak, you shouldn't be worried about some bad waters flowing into it from some parit and longkang, just sweep them all into your undercurrent lah. Keep on flowing bro.

  2. FMZam.....Cannot give up...just a block ....

  3. good to see you online again.. keep up your good work.

  4. Good to see you back in the groove, Abang.

  5. Sir,

    Keep your keyboard busy. Good to c u back.

  6. I couldnt have said it better....

  7. Hi Pak Steady

    keep writing and be yourself

  8. Wish you would let on about what makes a great marriage