Sunday 28 August 2011

cakap cakap....KL and friends.

At the last count I have 17 teh tariks invitation from you guys in KL, Kuantan, Ipon, Penang and even one from Taiping – all this to be taken up when I am back in KL….though I think I would have to buy dinner for Lita and Pat.

Benard did suggest that I should first have a medical with a Dr J. Walker  somewhere in the vicinity of Bangsar or Damansara. This Dr. J  Walker must be well established and very popular because he seems to have clinics all over KL…I quiet forget where exactly…and I am sure Benard himself doth tend to forget after so many medicals himself.

All in all it would seem that I would have some good times to look forward to in KL with some new found friends …that is if I am able to dally not to long with tea and karipap with “friends” at Bukit Aman. But then those are the breaks. Don’t do the crime if you don’t want to do the time!

What would I want to do first? What would YOU want to do after being away for 3 years from KL? For me it is a toss up between Nasi Dagang at Kampong Baru, Nasi Bryani at Mahboob in Bangsar or the See Kee  kambing curry puff  (with that little red dot to differentiate it from the ayam) in Jalan Barat off Jalan Imbi. Decisions, decisions, decisions! And of course fresh coconut juice!  

After all of the above you make time to visit all the nooks and cranny in KL where some more food gems are there to be enjoyed.

For breakfast there is simply no better Nasi Lemak then that place in Kampong Baru that has the cheek to label itself “Antarbangsa!” – and I dare anybody to contradict me! But if your funds are on the low side I advise you not to order the sotong…ada mahal sikit lah! And if you are really really low on funds just the rice, sambal and ikan bilis is good enough!    

Every lunch hour in Bangsar you can see the line of people waiting for their fish head curry and other mamak delights at that little stall under the trees behind TMC….1 Malaysia is alive and well!

Night time is when it all comes alive. I can have a feast with three ringgit in my pocket what more when it is payday. I have seen so many of those “semua tarok!” orders from those flush with cash that I no longer blink when I see these stall holders using anything but a Proton. And then of course there is always that authoritative wave of the hand to the mak chik to come over to you because YOU are paying for the meal – not anybody else…and why not, the whole meal for the three of you would not go over RM20…and it does make you feel good paying!

Those are the memories that I have of KL…the only good memories that still lingers on within me. Food, food…  glorious food.    

It is good to have made friends from so far away and yet it also seems that I have made enemies from so far away too. It pains me to know that what I write have been able to make enemies of friends that I have made during my steadyaku47 days. I wonder how is it that we can like or dislike people that we have never met? For me what you write is your business. I can read them and agree to agree or disagree with them - either way that still does not give me a reason to dislike you as a person. I can still have teh tarik with some one I disagree with. What I put into the public domain are my thoughts and my ideas  and these you can like or dislike - agree or disagree....but friends you make and keep, if possible, for as long as you can. Salam.      


  1. You forgot to mention KB bro,a small town down east where life is not really that quiet anymore,the traffic is unbearable at times but the most significance unchained melody is the habits of littering,still as rampant as much so as a Serambi Mekah of the east.Anyway just drop by, I ll buy you a nasi kerabu with bawang jeruk.

  2. shuk...ayam percik bro, ayam percik!!! The sweeter the better!

  3. come down to KB.....we will add for you like lompat tikam, jala emas,pulut bakar, sotong sumbat..and lots more...if it is on friday..spare some time litsening to tok guru public lecture.....truly a public lecture in the real sence of the word......acu, cuba , try...test...