Monday 15 August 2011

cakap cakap...Lonely at the top!

They say it is lonely at the top…if you do not believe me go ask a monkey swinging away in the treetops…. said a smart aleck to me the other day…inferring that BN’s first tier leadership are monkeys….but do take a minute out and think of Najib. Pas and DAP are waiting out sodomy two and will not do anything until DSAI is convicted and sentenced. Yes you read it right there…convicted and sentenced. DAP and PAS are resigned to that probability. But while DAP and PAS are resigned to that probability what about Najib?

When DSAI is convicted of sodomy two it will not be any victory to Najib because the people have always viewed sodomy two as being a political act of desperation by Najib to try and take out DSAI. If DSAI is acquitted…then it is bye bye Najib. Either way Najib loses. Now back to the first line of this posting…"They say it is lonely at the top”…and Najib is at the top of the very top in BN.

So please spare a thought for that poor fellow. Just the thought of being responsible to Rosmah for her no longer being able to proclaim herself as “First Lady” must already fill Najib with dread! Wokey lah…if not dread then impending doom! What more about having to answer for the billions wasted in Mindef while under his watch and do not forget Altantuya! Surely Muhiyiddin is even now already counting his chickens before they are hatched!

And right behind Muhyiddin (or should I say Muhyiddin stands behind him?) is that Kerala guy and his heir apparent son all ready for the DPM  post while that Din guy sweats it out profusely while waiting for that go ahead from Mahathir to step into the breach again – after he has helped dispose of his cousin and that First Lady! 

Ahhh politics the Malaysian way…. Rojak, chendol, char kueh teow and tandori all on the same plate with ice kachang to wash it down! Where else but in bolehland?   

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  1. Mengalu-alukan semula untuk kali ganda.
    'Ow yer goin,mate?
    It's not only lonely....the higher you are the harder the fall,yah?