Monday 22 August 2011

Cakap cakap...KJ just go lah!


Khairy says up to bosses to decide on Rembau

August 21, 2011
KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 21 — Khairy Jamaluddin has backtracked on his intention not to defend his Rembau seat and quit politics after a general election expected within the year, repeating that it is up to”my superiors in the party.”
The first-term Rembau MP said in Kota Bharu last night that the decision on the candidate was the prerogative of Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and he had the final say on the candidates who could give a win for Umno and Barisan Nasional (BN).
The Umno Youth chief (picture), who in early January said that he wanted to take a break from politics, told The Malaysian Insider that “I have already made my preference known... clear, very clear.”
“But at the end of the day it is a team sport, we have to see what happens,” he said in an interview.

steadyaku47 comment:
This is what happens when you try to "test" your market's worth and then realize that you are not worth as much as what you thought you were. This kind of bartering happens all the time in Chow Kit and China Town. You want to buy a "genuine fake" Rolex in China Town which the Bangla trader is insisting is a "original fake" and the two of you start haggling over what is a "genuine fake" and what is an "original fake" and then you start haggling about the price. Taking 50% of the asking price is a good way to start....and where you end up is for both of you to work out. Nobody is interested in the haggling and nobody cares. 
What this KJ and other politicians in KL still does not understand is this...there is instant recall for all of us on what happened yesterday, the day before...heck even pre the 12th General Election when this KJ was Lord and King of all he surveyed! 
Was he not "almost the Prime Minister" of Malaysia? 
The only thing holding him back was probably that niggling matter of actually taking the oath of office as Prime Minister in front of the Agong! In everything else he was the "GO TO" guy for any projects, contracts, tender (negotiated and open)...anything where you could skim a ringgit in the name of "securing" a deal. I would rather be an office boy on the 4th Floor of the PM's office rather then be the owner of a Petronas Service station - even if it was located along Jalan Bangsar  ...because you can do more deals on the 4th floor of the PM's office then at a Petronas Petrol station in Bangsar during Pak Lah's time in office. And KJ was the capo dei capi of it all! 
But that was then and this is now. The fact of the matter is this - KJ has nothing without his father in law as PM - nothing...zilch. Not even a post in the cabinet where his deputy is now smugly seated! Oh the embarrassment of it all! And now he wants he said in January.
Instead of the chorus of "We need KJ". "KJ don't resign" ...all he heard was a deafening silence! There was even maneuvering within Rembau to replace KJ - after all he did say he wanted a break from politics. After over 6 months of posturing and hoping against hope that the powers that be will insists that he stays on on Rembau "because the nation and UMNO needs him!"...KJ got the message loud and clear. If wants to leave...he knows where the door is!
So KJ comes up with the tried and tested rationale! Now it is the party over self! If UMNO needs him he will answer UMNO call to bear arms again for UMNO and go into battle against the opposition.If UMNO needs him he will answer its call to serve. If Najib asks if Najib insists that he must "bertanding" again...then he will!
Now here is KJ's problem. Najib is quiet. UMNO is quiet. What is KJ to do? 
Oh the embarrassment of it all....KJ wants to come back...but nobody wants him back.Not UMNO, not BN and certainly not Mukhriz and that old man of his! And without UMNO how is KJ to replenish his personal fortunes chest?



  1. Pak Lah seems a nice man, but KJ destroyed whatever nice credentials he has before. Pak Lah was also affected by his son's low profile but equally damaging business interests. Makes us wonder whether any PM can be truly nice, without people taking advantage of his position.

    In retrospect, Pak Lah helped to free constructive criticisms which ironically worked to the disadvantage of Umno. That must be one of the most important contributions to our country's political change shown at the last GE. We should be thankful to him for that!

  2. Yea,the good thing that came out of Pak Lah administration is the openess that paved the way for a bigger win by PR in 2008 and KJ whether we hate him or not has contributed to that,if not for the greed which is the norm in all of Umno's member,I think Khairy will make a better leader than most of Umno goon,actually if he's on the other side of the fence,this Khairy guy is worth more than what he currently enjoy and by that i meant in moral and human values....

  3. this KJ is nothing without Paklah

  4. KJ cant even wipe his arse without Pak Lah as PM

  5. Pak HH,

    KJ can go but another devil will fill his place. Name anyone UMNO who is good to serve the people than the party? Everyone UMNO candidate is Achilles that the people thought was Hector.

  6. Sir,

    KJ is smart no doubt about it, but he is no exception. Unfortunately, I think his integrity tak bagus.

    Surely he took advantage of Pak Lah. Now he has to pay for it.

    I often wondered why many highly educated Malays tak boleh diharap.


  8. when dolah mat-mata-layu took office , rakyat thought
    he was going to do great things.

    He helped crushed the 'kuku-besi' image that robert-madey-feel -good had
    planted and nurtured throughout his tenure as the robert-mugabe of malaysia.
    That is some achievement.

    Dolah mat mata layu is a skirt-chaser by nature. There are images of him
    massaging chingkie michelle yeoh at a public function and one can
    extrapolate what he did 'last summer' in private....

    Dolah mat mata layu is replaced by another skirt chaser. This guy
    got style. He called spind doctors to spew big acronyms -big
    sounding but yield negative impacts. After a series of acronym-outputting,
    malaysia prestigious glc MAS will soon realize as a subsidiary of Airasia!!!!

    HA HA HA- melayu bodoh for sure
    Confirm, melayu bodoh

    more gold-turned to-stone thingy will soon appear

    fuck-ups in felda/ 1 malaysia DB [a bottomless pit where
    gomen will dump more money with little returns]

    khong khek khuat