Wednesday 17 August 2011

The 13th GE...who will get our votes?

You do not save Malaysia by giving your votes to Pakatan Rakyat. Nor will you save Malaysia by voting for Barisan Nasional. Do not demean our 13th General Election by bringing it down to the level of a choice between Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional. Surely it is more than that!
The general election is the most critical exercise of our parliamentary political system! This is the time when we the people, decide who will govern us, and take care of our country, our wealth and most important, ensure a decent  future for ourselves and the future generations.

We will decide who our Members of Parliament will be. Look at this Mentri Besar from Pahang…remember him with that wrist and palm action that gave us an idea of his crass mentality and IQ?

Well the people of Pahang can vote him out at the 13th general election!

And this guy too….Bung Mokhtar Radin…the one with that smug arrogant manner…illegally taking a second actress wife and getting caught and then given a limp slap on the wrist for doing so? Well he too can be voted out at the 13 general election…

And then there is also DSAI. He of the Sodomy Two infamy…if or when convicted, he can no longer be a part of the 13th general election.

So the 13th general election is not about whether you pangkah BN or PR…it is more then that. It is the time when all those arrogant and corrupt politicians from both sides of the political divide are called to account for their antics and errant behaviour. The same arrogant and corrupt politicians will be standing in front of us, cap in hand,  pleading for a second, third or fourth chance to go back to parliament and “serve” their electorates..this time promising to do so  honestly and responsibly. Huh! YOU get to decide if they should! You make the wrong pangkah and you will get the wrong Member of Parliament…not for a week, not for a year but for another five years or until the next general election is called!

Can you imagine the damage an incompetent Member of Parliament can do to us and our country? Look around you now and ask yourself how is it that our country has now descent to what it is today? A sick and ailing Malaysia that has more then its fair share of religious and racial divisions encouraged by corrupt and arrogant politicians who thrives on the polarization of our people because it serves their own interest to do so. So be warned…this general election is not a BN vs PR thing.

But it would seem that many amongst us want it to be so.We are repeatedly reminded that the 13th General Election is our chance to throw out a corrupt and arrogant government. We are told that the 13th General Election is our opportunity to eliminate money politics, nepotism and corruption at all levels of government and party politics! That this is our opportunity to have an accountable and responsible government in the form of Pakatan Rakyat. Yes my friends all this is possible. Yes my friends all this is achievable and doable. Yes my friends all this can bring much needed change into our country. But you need to understand this.

Corruption, nepotism and arrogance are not the principles UMNO has been built upon. There is nothing in UMNO’s perlembagaan that requires its members to be corrupt, arrogant or be champions of nepotism. It is UMNO leaders who are corrupt and arrogant. It is the people within UMNO that makes it what it is today.

Pakatan Rakyat has reiterated that it wants a transparent and genuine democracy. It wants social justice and human development but again whether it does so or not is dependent on the leaders it has. So how do we ensure that Pakatan Rakyat will not be another UMNO?

By ensuring their leaders are good people. Honest and principled and are guided by the aspirations of the people of Malaysia who now demands good governance and accountable politicians as their leaders.

So people please choose the right people. If there are good people who have emerged from UMNO and in Barisan Nasional then give your votes to them. The same with Pakatan Rakyat. Do not be carried away with voting for anyone just for the sake of change because the change that comes may not be the change we want and need. We cannot afford to experiment or give anyone a chance to do good in parliament. The costs of giving politicians a chance at government is one we can no longer afford to be burden with. No more….no more!   

For the Malays I want them to not worry about losing power to any non Malay political entity. The fact of the matter is this – the Malays have the numbers to ensure that their interests will be well taken care of by any responsible government that has been given the mandate to form government. The Malays have the numbers to form government themselves if we can find amongst us good people to lead us – whether they be from UMNO or Pakatan Rakyat does not matter because good leaders will have the interest of every one at heart.

Even within the four walls of their houses those who are not Muslims will mind their own business not that of the Muslims. They know enough to understand that to do otherwise is simply asking for trouble. And those kind of trouble no sensible, right thinking individual will want to wish it upon themselves or their worst enemies.

But being in the majority also beholden the Malays with the responsibility of looking after the interest of those that are less fortunate than them. We must take responsibility for the good of those who are without effective representation in parliament to plead for their own well being and interest. That is called looking after each other’s interest.

We Malays should be comfortable within our own selves to accept that responsibility…even welcome it because together we can be 1Malaysia. Anything less would have meant that we did not take the opportunity of the 13th general election to make our country the country we want it to be…the country we want for our future, our children's future and our children children’s future. The future is ours to choose…choose wisely.     


  1. A wise piece from ToK Hussein...

  2. Exactly, you so accurately defined what I was trying to say in my post, Who to Blame,

  3. Suka hati hanglah. We know who you are trying to tell us not to vote. Yang gambar2 lain tu sekadar nak sedapkan hati saja. We know who you really want to topple, now that his success seems imminent.

  4. Yes the issue is beyond BN and PR but unfortunately the choice we have is between the two. That's how the system is. Choose a good MP from BN but with the same rotten and corrupted leaders can we expect changes that we want.

    For now elections in Malaysia is about choosing the party, not so much of the candidates. Maybe we should change to a presidential system?

    Pok Li

  5. One thing about you Tok (maybe this suits you better than Pak, not because you are wise as claimed by Anon 10:38 but on the contrary it's because you are indeed old and you are much nearer than you thought, to the magical 110 years of age that you desire to reach) is that you are just a vindictive vengeful old man who is using his god gift's writing ability to continue spitting venom on a single person.

    What kind of crap telling people to vote for the person and telling them that the party is secondary. What is on the ballot paper if I may ask; the face of the person or the party's symbol? So you expect candidates to expouse their virtues instead of their party's manifesto during the campaign.No logic whatsoever. Masuk akal kat you saja kot and all this because of Anwar. Good Lord!

    Apart from this vendetta on Anwar,I like many others still owe our gratitude for what you have done through your blog.

    The 'Babi' exposure for one is great. See how people will love it if you spit venom in the right direction. I love it and I setuju penuh with your choice of words.That writing has class and is the kind of writing we need from someone who writes from a safe haven.