Tuesday 16 August 2011

Cakap cakap...a great marriage?

I got this comment in my email yesterday:
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Again I write...": Wish you would let on about what makes a great marriage

So Here Goes….

My wife is a vegetarian…I eat anything that has stopped moving….well almost anything!

I blog almost every day …I am still waiting for my wife to read one single line that I have written. Yes, one single line!

I like to watch the news, documentaries and non fiction on TV. My wife will not miss Desperate Housewife or Lost (Lost lost me a long time ago).

I go to sleep around 10p.m. to 11p.m. My wife goes to sleep after 2am. I wake up at 5.30a.m. my wife after Noon!

My wife likes olives, cottage cheese and spinach. I like salt fish, fried chicken skin and rice soaked in butter.

My wife talks to the cats…and the cats talk to her back. I talk to the cats too…but only to tell them to go far away from me.

My wife thinks that cheese is a staple food and wants it in the house at all times. I know that cheese is what you eat with bread and not having any cheese in the fridge is not a worry to me.Rice is my staple food!

I want to talk about Pakatan Rakyat, Bersih, UMNO and the state of politics in Malaysia. My wife, for the third time today, told me that our grand daughter Izzy in Toronto is confused about whether she has sent a letter or a computer to us.

I am still trying to explain to my wife that there is a “off” button on the TV remote that switches the TV off. But after all this time I now understand that leaving the TV on gives her that “warm feeling” all over – even if she is outside hanging the clothes. So now our TV stays on even if no one is in the living room to watch it.

The last time she visited our daughter and family in Toronto she brought enough Vegemite to keep them supplied for two years. I still maintain that two bottles of Vegemite would have been enough. 

We always…always have our meals at separate times because we get hungry at different times…having meals together either means we are at McDonald's or bought some takeaway food and brought it home and are eating it together while it is hot.

But we are each other’s best friends…well actually she is mine! I reach out to touch her every time  we pass each other in the house…she just tries to get out of my way. I do the ironing. She does the ironing. We hang the clothes to dry together. We make coffee for each other. We share the household chores and we understand that we are now really stuck with each other for life…and with both of us being over 60 that would be for another few more years….we hope!

So go figure out why we are still together. We got married at Ealing London when I was 21 and she 23. What we know today is this….we have each other and all else will pass.  


  1. Gosh, I am more confused than ever. Looks like there is no formula to being happy together.

  2. Bro, we have much in common.

    I got married at 26 and she 28. She is a vegetarian on 1st and 15th day of lunar month but only when she remembers. She does not read what I write in my blog. Difference here on tv watching: she subscribes to Astro because of BBC and CNN, but I watched HK's serials as well. My wife likes to have tv on and doses off within minutes, but would wake as soon as she heard me switching it off. My wife loves cheese and was really upset when someone suggested that her tummy upset could be because of it. She loves salad (cow factor?)but I like only certain veg. well cooked. She would say good morning and goodbye to the dogs but not me. We are supposed to be on different sides of the political divide, but both of us support Pakatan! Since UK days, I have been her dishwasher and she my cook, but now only if she has the time and mood to cook.

  3. My dear HH

    I love these insights about you and Lucy.

    A great marriage is one that works. Nobody else needs to understand anything more than that.


  4. Hi
    I am your age and I can relate to a lot of your articles. Just to let you know I especially like this write up. May God bless you and yours. Every happiness always.

  5. I made my wife read this....she did start but lost interest soon after and went back to watching Harrison Ford on David least I did not have to explain who you are Lita....and why you are addressing me as "My Dear HH...."...always a silver lining somewhere....

    No formula to a happy marriage...just do it!

    And for those who can relate to what I am sharing with you....GREAT!

  6. How refreshingly lovely it is to read this HH. Being married does not mean smothering each other but understanding n allowing each other 'space' yet staying true to the commitment to be together. They say opposites attract n your marriage is going along fine like a horse n carriage. My respect for you has gone up a couple notches. God bless!

    I am IT bodoh, could u please forward me all your posts henceforth? thanks

  7. anon...I am as IT bodoh as you are...but I cover it up by taking out that "bodoh" word and replacing it with IT "challenged"...more got style lah! MERDEKA!

  8. can put your email in the left hand column of the first page of this blog and you will be informed of any new posting that I do...regards.