Thursday 25 August 2011

Strange Bedfellows?

It would take a blind and deaf person to not see the gradual encroachment of MCA’s premier position as the preferred Alpha Chinese political institution as reflected by  DAP ability to earned increasing Chinese support through its performance in Penang. Nothing succeeds as success.

Nazri’s Aziz Freudian slip recently in no way helped MCA’s cause.

This morning’s headline of Tun Tan Siew Sin’s daughter giving her nod of approval to Guan Eng’s work in Penang is simply icing on the cake.

The coronation proper will be done, as always by UMNO.

What UMNO agreed with Gerakan to do in 1973 they will now do with DAP post the 13th general elections…and not before because there is that small matter of Pakatan Rakyat with DSAI as their President. The same President they are now all waiting to fall on his own sword even before the 13th General Election of immediately after it.

After this 13th General Election Pakatan Rakyat (and PKR), if not DSAI himself, will become part of our history – and history is something that happened in the past. And all too soon DSAI will be fondly remembered as the “Man who would be King” but instead went MIA (Missing in Action) and in so doing set free DAP and PAS to reconsider their option politically.

Barsian Nasional has already lost Penang to DAP. Kelantan was never theirs to begin with and Kedah is really of not much concern to UMNO. It is Selangor that UMNO wants back. So what is the problem of maintaining the status quo in Penang, Kedah and Kelantan? No problem. All this will be done after the election because only after the election will PKR lose Selangor to UMNO and once this becomes a reality then DAP, PAS and Barisan Nasional will be able to do a deal with a clear conscience (as if this is a consideration in Malaysian politics) because now PKR has committed Hari Kiri and involuntary taken itself out contention as a “contributing partner” of Pakatan Rakyat. A brand new day awaits everyone…everyone that is except MCA.      


  1. If I am not mistaken, Dr. Tan Chee Khoon was not in favour of Gerakan joining BN and he quit because of it. There will be people like me who does not like the idea of an opposition state joining the BN for a so-called unity government after what they have done to them. How can BN win every time by just absorbing a successful won opposition state? PBS joined BN and look at what it got in return? No more credibility. If ever DAP join BN, there will be a large number of members and supporters who will be put off by it. They will suffer the fate of Gerakan in Penang.

  2. Can we just leave UMNO out of this coalition?They are so smelly and rotten and of no use.......