Saturday 27 August 2011

When the Police are the Criminals!

 Are we now more afraid of the Police then of the crooks? Are there that many bad policemen in PDRM that we now avoid PDRM like the plague?


PDRM has 102,037 sworn members stationed in over 1000 police stations across the nation. And this guy DIN is the Minister in Charge. By any definition that is a pretty large organization. Are the majority of them bad cops? Or are they just like some of us i.e when given some authority it all goes to our head and we run wild! When given a lot of authority then they, like some of us, would have the potential to be very bad! Hence the beating, the shooting and the murdering of suspects in custody. Do some of them just go to work everyday to abuse and find somebody to beat up?

Do the cops in Malaysia makes you feel safer or in more danger? Or are they now a law upon itself and they cross the line of being good or bad at will? Do they use drugs at will? Rape at will? Shoot innocent people at will? Whack defenseless demonstrators at will? Do they steal at will? Take bribes at will? These are all instances of wrongdoing by cops that have come to light. There is no telling how many of them do wrongs things and are not caught out!

Of course these things that these cops do are happening all around us but given the authority that these cops do have…it does become something frightening to us all. They become legal criminals protected by PDRM and by the BN Government of the day! 

Are these cops bullying us by their callous disregards for the rights of the ordinary citizens? Planting drugs and evidence of wrong doing on us just so we will be arrested and jailed simply because these cops think so without due process of law? 
Are the Police becoming a source of embarrassment for the government and for us, the people of Malaysia? Are they out of line? Are they abusing the authority they have? Do they not understand that every time they do so they bring the reputation of PDRM into disrepute?

What about the IGP? Is he a crook too?

What about policemen that have died in the line of duty trying to protect us all? When did that last happened? Or did it happened at all? Are they no policemen in Malaysia prepared to put their life on the line for us? 
Or is police bashing becoming the preferred sport of choice amongst the people of Malaysia? Are the public justified in their police bashing because the police are destroying the lives of ordinary citizens as they go about brutally with their work?

Let me say this. There are people who rape, murder and create mayhem everyday and they are a disgrace to the human race. But when policemen rape, murder and create mayhem while in uniform ..then society has a problem of massive proportions because those sworn to protect us are now abusing us.

What frightens us is that cops have a great deal of authority to do these crimes while in uniform…so much authority that it would seems now that we are more afraid of the police then of the crooks. It is one thing to be robbed at knife point of whatever money you have on you by a thief. But to be chased while in your car by trigger happy cops in their patrol cars carrying deadly weapons will really put the fear of death into you.

Who polices the police? The police polices the police! So imagine your worry if you are involved in any “incident” with the police! Your words against the police? It’s a no win situation for you if you are innocent! 

But PDRM must understand this. Police officers wear just about the same uniforms. There is uniformity on the force.
They drive about the same cars. They are one and the same. So when any police officer does something good or bad then that reflects upon the whole PDRM. So if just one policeman takes a bribe then that is a reflection of the whole of PDRM. When thousands of Policemen take bribes – what then does this do to our perception of PDRM as a whole?  

Because then we begin to wonder which are the good cops, which are the bad cops? And if I have a shadow of a doubt about the action of any police officers then I have doubts about the whole of PDRM.

That is what is now happening to our PDRM today. We no longer trust them. We even question whether the IGP is a crook! We know that one of their IGP, Rahim Noor was not only a crook but a bully in uniform too! We know that all too often shootout occurs between armed policemen and people who are armed with sticks, knives, axes and hatchets! And more often then not this results in death for these people. 

Are we now disrespectful of people just because they wear the uniform of PDRM? Are we disrespectful of anyone tyhat now wears a uniform of the PDRM? That a man is guilty by association? That we are now lumping everyone who is policeman as bad? 

I think that they are many of us today who are more afraid of PDRM then of the criminals simply because I have more dealing with the police then with criminals. I see the police more often. I have not seen a criminal for the last ten years of my life…maybe more. But I see the police on a daily basis and I dislike having any dealings with any policemen….and so between the police and the criminals…give me the criminals anytime! 

With the police I could get pulled up by the roadside anytime and then anything can happen! I can get asked for a bribe, arrested for God knows what reason and may even get  beaten up for resisting arrest and for some of us…even get shot in the back if that cop had had a really bad day! 

It has now become natural to think of the cops as babi …natural thing to do so but is it right?

Just because some of them do kill suspects in custody, do kill suspects in shoot outs, do take bribes…must we paint the entire PDRM with then same brush? Just because some incompetent idiot who happen to wear the uniform of our PDRM do so does it taints the whole police force?

Are cops out of control? And getting worse? Are we to assume that cops are no longer our friends under any circumstances? That they are lying to us all the time? And if we do this what then happens to the fabric of our society?

Are the cops no longer living within ethical and moral standards?

It is a fact that the police are beating the weak and defenceless. It is one thing to enforce the law another to use it to punish others without the benefit of a justice system and to use for personal financial gain through bribe taking. Yes there are many crooked policemen out there. There are policemen that lets the uniform they wear goes to their head and use their power to  satisfy their own ego. They are also immoral policemen – just as they are immoral politicians and people everywhere.

But there are also great policemen out there. They care about public safety and do their duty with great diligence and accountability. I have more issues with politicians then with the police. To these good and responsible policemen I extend out salutations and our thanks for the sacrifice and dedication in doing your duty to King and Country.

Tabek Tuan.  


  1. Cops,I didn't have any good things to write about them except for this one Deputy Sup which was posted to my hometown 10 years ago-the rest corrupted to the bones...........

  2. Bulls, by a son of a policemen, How was your dad then Sein. Was he a good one or one of the baddies

  3. Sir,

    Good cops are very difficult to find these days.

    When the Cops are asked to perform duties as ordered by their superiors, they will normally become bad when the duties are to protect the interests of UMNO/BN instead of the nation.

    It seems right to the cops because they have been brainwashed to equate UMNO=Malaysia, khasnya Melayu. Of course, many of our cops IQ pun tak tinggi sangat.

  4. the good cops are those already retired of yesteryears or dead by now.
    the cops now are bad, because their leaders are bad too. I have fear of cops these days. I have no confidence in them.

  5. This is a leading symptom of major disease in society. The disease is only a little less advanced in other public sectors such as teaching, health and utilities.

    It looks like the best way to enslave people are fatalism, bigotry (fear of the other) and santan.

  6. Semuanya OK kot......tolong explain that "santan" bit!

  7. There are bad apples in any organization. In PDRM, the problem is that there is no serious attempt to get rid of these bad apples.

    Worst still, some of these bad apples were/are at the very top of PDRM. Examples are former IGP Musa and current DIGP Khalid. When the heads are corrupt and abuses power, what do you expect of lower rung officers?

    Corrupt top cops are needed by our equally corrupt politicians. Politicians including the Din guy needs them to do their political biddings, so eyes need to be closed at times. Furthermore, with over 100,000 rank and file, PDRM is another fixed deposit for BN. Cannot antagonize them.

    My advice to family and friends; avoid going out at night. Crime rates are high and worst still, the police are also acting as the judge and executioner.

  8. I never encounter any bad policemen before but I offered them brides once I was caught for a road offence. Of course, they can choose not to accept it.

    Now, who are the criminals here? The police or me?

  9. Hussein, I observe that that santan or coconut oil used in cooking tranquilises a person for at least half the day. The smell of our rich traditional cooking should serve as a warning to indulge only occasionally.

    I am only referring to sloth and lethargy semi-seriously, not contributing to the carefully coordianted hysteria on "tropical oils" that ignores the dangers of heating traditional Western oils. The link between fats (any fat) and heart disease is NOT established:

    On the subject of rich food, note the number of MPs, noveau riche and
    civil servants (the last frequenting lunches organsied by grateful businessmen) who drop dead or develop gout. If your photo does you justice, none of this will concern you personally.