Saturday 27 August 2011

cakap cakap...mental block!

Saturday 7.42 a.m.

Late last night I received a goading email “Why so quite now Pak Hussein about DSAI?” Normally I would have clicked “steadyaku47” and then clicked “new posts” and started my reply to that goading email post haste or pos laju as they say back in KL. So why did I not do so?

For a start it was already past midnight and two other emails, one from K and the other from Port Dickson needed to be attended to secepat mungkin. (Sometimes I wish I could write as easily in Bahasa as I do in English because the turn of phase in Bahasa is so apt!) But I digress….

Anyway back to the matter at hand…DSAI. No Sir I have not finished with DSAI but life goes on. I am only human and I dislike getting abusive emails and making people all hot and bothered about an issue that is already getting saturation coverage in the media. You are having enough of DSAI from the courts. So I will ease off and take a detour for now, towards uncharted territory.

Uncharted territories? Where have I not gone with my rantings against BN and PR? Against the Civil Service, the Sultans and what have you….and here is the thing with me sometimes. I tend to let my finger write quicker then my mind can follow…and then my mind has to play catch up! I like the sound of “uncharted territory” that I ended the last paragraph with …..but having written that last night I had to stop and sleep on it because I could not think of any uncharted territory that I could venture into. And so today is the next day…and still I am unable to proceed. And so I will make myself a cup of coffee and take five. Sorry guys…mental block!    

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