Tuesday 10 June 2014


Normally what I “talk” with my number one daughter and her better half is between them and me…but this one I would like to share with you. Two weeks before it was about Isabel and football. I am sure the fact that the World Cup is about to start and that her Father (who thinks football is the next best thing invented by men after slice bread) needed her to be on his side for both of them to watch the World Cup on TV in case her mother/his wife wants to watch something else.... has nothing to do with this.

And then it was her first violin lesson. I would have preferred her to go for piano lessons...but hey, who am I dictate?

And then yesterday this:

Izzy gets award in Chinese class....that's her in the red Cheongsam!

What follows is my "talk" with her mother/my daughter about Izzy's Chinese class:

ME: Hi...what was the award Isabel got from her chinese class for?

TERRINA: Isabel got her award at her mandarin class graduation ceremony on saturday. It was the 'citizenship' award for listening and trying the best in the class

ME: Good for isabel! 

TERRINA: I was very proud of her.

ME: Mum is in the bathroom now and I hv to go and give her a bath...catch up with you later. Love you all.
TERRINA: The white girl in the picture is her best friend amaya.  She got the 'outstanding student' award ..speaks mandarin like a china girl. love to mum

ME: I am proud of her! That will go into my blog! Bye!
TERRINA: I don't doubt it. I'll read it when it's done. goodnight.

ME: goodnight!
2 hours ago
ME: So Isabel can now speak or understand english, chinese, french and (hopefully) ...malay?

about an hour ago

TERRINA: definitely more French than mandarin because half her school core curriculum is in French. she only does mandarin every saturday morning for 2 hours. I initially thought that I might have to cut out mandarin if she was struggling with French, but she's amazing. maintaining a B average in school and got 4 A's and 2 B's in her first year mandarin graduation report card this week. I'd like to take credit, but this is all her.

ME: well.... she has my genes so we can discount you and emmett for now! Camna?

Note : I have still to wait for my daughter's reply to my last comment about "genes." 

Chat conversation end

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