Tuesday 1 July 2014

cakap cakap : The New Zealand sex caper! True Lies?

It is amazing that in the times that we now live in, this BN government is clueless as to the ramification of not telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing  but the truth in matters that others who are not Malaysian might have an interest in. 

I refer to the "misunderstanding" for the contradictory positions between New Zealand and Malaysia over the arrest of a Malaysian Diplomat on serious criminal charges in Wellington in May. Please MAY this year....a few months past....and now the story is breaking globally. And like MH370 again this BN government is found wanting when it comes to "managing" the story from blowing up in their face. 

By now the culprit, Muhammad Ismail, is dead meat! By the end of this week he will go into the annals of Malaysian folklore as the Diplomat with his brains caught in his zipper - if what the New Zealand police alleged he did is true...and common sense tells me that the New Zealand police is to be believed more that anybody in BN. 

What would be interesting is to see this BN government back peddling as "the facts" of the case are put onto the public domain by the New Zealand authorities so that Malaysians, New Zealanders and the World can decide which part of the "I said, he said, they said and we said" explanations and clarifications by the Malaysian and New Zealand authorities are to be believed! 

And just for the fun of it, I say that that it will take at least two weeks or more before Najib will make any comment on the matter...that is if he is not overseas, in the Holy Land doing what ever it is that he has to do in the Holy Land.....or more bloody likely, hiding behind FLOM's billowing skirts!   

God help us!

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