Sunday 13 July 2014

cakap cakap...when I close my front door, nothing disturbs me.

Early Sunday morning…the air outside is cool and crisp…Fitzroy, where I am now, is stirring…the Trams are already ferrying people here and there…cars are quietly respectful of this day of rest….and all is quiet in our apartment….my son in his room and my wife still asleep in our bed beside me.

My sleep has been somewhat troubled thinking of the killings going on in Gaza….man inhumanities against each other knows no bound….we have seen it all before and yet we are troubled. We are our brother keepers and when our brother suffer so do we. I made myself view the atrocities committed by soldiers of Israel upon the Palestinians children and women and it is all I could do not to cry. I also question the rationality of Palestinians fighting against overwhelming odds….but as you and I know, for evil to triumph all it takes is for good men to do nothing....and so the Palestinians fight!

I am fortunate. When I close my front door nothing disturbs me. The only connection to the outside world is the intercom…a mechanical device that I have full control over

I can dismiss any interruptions from the intercom if I so desire…and my land line and mobile I can set to mute. I power my PC on or off as I please. And today, like most of my days, are days to do as I please, go where I please and make of it what I please.

At 67 this is how I have imagined my life to be from the time I could think. I want to be with the people I love, have enough of everything that I need to keep body and soul together and I want to  live life in splendid isolation from everything else but that which I will allow into my life. 

And yet I am troubled by what is happening in Gaza and elsewhere. The political situation in Malaysia is worrying and more often than I wish for, I think of my daughter and her family in Canada, over 16,000 kms away....especially my grand daughters Isabel and Sofie. 

My Mac speed is slow because it does not have enough Memory and when I have too many windows open, it slows everything down and makes me irritable. My dryer stopped working yesterday and I still have not decided what we will have for lunch…though I have got lamb, fish and a frozen Apricot Chicken dish defrosting in the fridge….so I do have issues but all manageable and all self inflicted because what is life without a little strife.

And as physically isolated as I am in my own comfort zone, I allow my mind to wander wherever it wants to go. I know this week it wants to be in Gaza. I do not pretend to understand what the Palestinians are going through nor will I understand what drives them to go against the overwhelming might of Israel….but to see powerful nations do nothing to stop the carnage and murder of women, children and old men is proof positive that politics not humanity, rules the world.

I can close my front door and be away from such crass self-serving so called world leaders and their self preservation antics…but my mind still can wander and ponder the ramification of a world where the innocents bear the brunt of a world gone mad with race, religion and the mantra of what I want rather than what I need!

Such is life for me this Sunday morning....and I have still to have breakfast!

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