Friday 11 July 2014

Najib...I salute you Sir!

Whatever the reason, no matter the reasoning behind this act ...this is what I want my Prime Minister to do! Go and see for himself how those without food and shelter live their life. 

That Najib would do this speaks volumes for his commitment to try and be the Prime Minister we aspire him to be. I salute you Sir and may you show more compassion and more reverence to those who are in need of your government's help in order to get some relief from the miserable lives that they lead.

I know that there will be many amongst you that will belittle this effort by Najib as a public relation exercises to bolster his image as a caring Prime Minister and to undo the damage done by Adnan......if it is then you must give credit to Najib for a job well done. The image of him bending over the figure of an old man in need tugs at the heartstrings of many of us. I  

This is the Prime Minister that I had thought Najib was capable of being because he had had a decent education and decent parents to start him up in life....but it is never too late. Now we want to see what else he will do. ...starting with that Adnan Mansor...or Adnen Mansor ....who cares how he spelt his name...I don't !

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