Thursday 17 July 2014

Sabera Shaik....teaching the Orang Asli English.

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Another brick in the wall....

While most would like to laze and roll on the comfortable beds till late on a Sunday morning or wake up to go out shopping, one lady wakes up early, bakes or buys a cake and packs some soft drinks and heads East from the city, to the hills of Janda Baik to an Orang Asli settlement to teach English to a small group of school going kids of various ages.  

I had the privilege to witness her in "action" last Sunday as "teacher" Sabera Shaik, a renowned stage actress and a Puan Sri to boot too, taught English to eager kids and their thirst for knowledge in communication. A language which has been given little prominence by the government of the day and a language that has been forsaken by many in Malaysia due to the empty nationalistic pride portrayed by moronic politicians  on both sides of the divide. 

It was indeed a warm sight to see the many eager hands shooting up to every question teacher Sabera asked of her young charges, most who did not know the answer but attempted anyway as she rewarded them with prizes of English reading books and pens to those who might give the correct answer. 

People like Sabera know the importance of the internationally used English language and her tireless efforts to reach out, educated and equip these real "children-of-the-soil" with the all important tool in communication is highly commendable. 

This genuine vocation to spend precious time with the less fortunate by one so rich and famous sure has my admiration as a person. 
And that is Sabera Shaik.

Read more about this splendid lady here. 
The class of Orang Asal children in attendance, with Sabera's companion Cecilia seated left on a low chair, in white.

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