Friday 4 July 2014


This Adnan Mansor who claims to be a Tengku (NOT!)  and is also the Federal Territories Minister has this to say about his intention to ban soup kitchen from the city centre: 

"I have read the angry statements thrown at me and I want to say that that was not my intention. My intention is to clean the city. For that, I am ready to listen and make amends to whatever is needed,”

 As far as I am concerned, apart from the "angry statements" being thrown at Adnan.... other things should be thrown at him too....the type of things that you normally throw at big, fat, rich syiok sendiri Ministers who have no idea what compassion for the needy, the poor and the under privileged is all about! 

If Adnan's intention for banning soup kitchen from the city center is intended to ensure that the capital is kept clean then let me tell him what my intention is in writing this piece. 

It is to make bloody idiots like Adnan understand that banning soup kitchens from the city center does not keep the city center clean! Do you not know that these Soup Kitchen clean up after they have served the poor their food? I do not know about other cities but here in Melbourne soup kitchens are found in and around the city itself. Hell there is one at the the apartments that I am staying. It is there every night at 8 PM no matter what the weather is...and I for one am one of those who benefit from the food they serve when I am in need. 

How the F@#K did Adnan come up with that rationale? Does he think that just because UMNO is talking about banning corruption, it will stop ( Ha ha ha!). Adnan go see for yourself how the poor and needy look for food when they are hungry....yes they only look for food when they are in need of is a need. 

In as far as this Adnan idiot is concern we know what his need is greed is it not?

He still has to contend with Damai Kiaramas Sdn Bhd, a company owned by UMNO members for breach of contract because the company had fulfilled all the conditions set by Adnan's Ministry in their bid to develop a five-hectare plot of land in Bukit Kiara but Adnan wants to give the project to a company owned by the Pavilion can read the details here in Din's Merican blog. ...this is one of the ways Adnan satisfies his need for greed!

To borrow Susan Loone apt description of this generously proportioned dimwit when he  labelled 8000 women bloggers as liars: 

"Your generalisation has gone a bit too far. You are NOT fit to be Tourism Minister with this attitude. You are bias, rude, patronising and stupid. But going by your analogy - of one makes all - I don’t blame foreigners for thinking that all of us are stupid or Malaysia bodoh." 

And he did make that stupid comment about the RON 95 fuel to be limited to the poor! 
Adnan said: 

Adnan said that “we want to impose the increase to only those who can afford it. Someone may drive a (Toyota) Alphard or even a Mercedes but they still use RON 95 petrol. We will be implementing it now after we find a correct method of applying it.”

Of course he is still try to work out what constitutes "deserving Malaysians" in terms of the cars that they drive!

As they say in Air all Malaysians know that this Adnan is an idiot. 

After bloggers he now goes for Soup Kitchens! Does he have a death wish? I dare say that by next year we will never see the like of this Adnan again.....his banning of soup kitchens from the center of the city should be reason enough for Najib to ban Adnan from further participation in UMNO business...what more the government.   

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