Monday 21 July 2014

Dear God....let more Israeli Soldiers die!

Today I heard some good news after a horrendous week of killings in Gaza and MH17. 

But first I want to tell you that for me the death of any one for any reason has never been a moment for rejoicing or happiness because every human life is precious. 

This week we have seen the slaughter of women and children by Israeli soldiers as they boasts of 'surgically' targeting civilian areas in Gaza...and now they are on the ground in Gaza presumably continuing with their 'surgical' murder of more children and women. 

What the Germans did to millions of Jews during the Second World War the Jews are now doing to the Palestinians with as much precision and enjoyment as when the Germans were killing Jews whether in the Gas Chamber or shooting them for sport.

What many others have done throughout history to the Jews in many parts of the world, in treating them as the worst human beings that could walk on this earth...the Jews are now doing to the children and women of Palestinians. 

And as I see more and more of the carnage in Gaza there is a rising anger within me that has allowed me to start to understand why the Jews have been treated as pariahs by the Germans and by many others throughout history and only descendants of Pariahs and the worse of human beings act the way the Jews now act against the women and children of Gaza.

And what was the good new that I heard today? 

13 Israeli soldiers have been killed by Hamas! These Jews are vulnerable. They can be killed by Hamas and they now know that they cannot continue with this slaughter of innocent human lives without harm to themselves! And if more Israeli soldiers are killed...then public opinion in Israel will demand that their Government look at other options...and that is why I am happy to hear of the killing of these Israeli soldiers. I grieve for the families of the soldiers but if their death and the death of more Israeli soldiers means that the Israeli government becomes less arrogant start thinking of a ceasefire....then dear God....let more Israeli Soldiers die!

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