Saturday 12 July 2014

The continuing of more Palestinians death and more and more and more Palestinians death!

I know that what Israel are inflicting upon the Palestinians are beyond what most of us can ever imagine. Pain and suffering without heed to gender or age. In the last three days of conflict they have hit 780 Hamas targets in Gaza Strip and over 90 Palestinians are dead because of these strike....and of these 20 are children.

Palestinians rocket striking into Israeli territories have yet to kill a single Israeli. Israeli's Iron Dome antimissile system have been effective in protecting Israeli properties and lives.

Whether it is the Germans, the Japanese, the Jews or the Arabs who are doing the killing,  the targeted and deliberate bombings of civilians populated areas is simply unacceptable and reminds us of atrocities perpetrated upon so many during the World Wars and other raging sectarian and religious conflicts in the past and current. That the Jews would inflict the same suffering upon the Palestinian that Hitler inflicted upon them says much about human nature.

This is just the beginning of more Palestinians death and more and more and more Palestinians death!

But will someone explain to me if the Palestinians leadership have a death wish in continuing to fire their rockets into Israel? They are fighting a war that they cannot win militarily. They do not have the capacity nor will the other Arab nations come to their aid. When you are at the edge of a cliff, you need to step back. Why give Israel any excuse to ethnically clean the area in the name of "self defense"?

Nothing seems logical anymore. Hamas keeps launching ineffective rockets (the Israelis call them firecrackers) into Israel - rockets without any effective guiding system capable of  causing damage because the Israel army are capable of massive electronic jamming. Any target Hamas hits in the Jewish state is not deliberate by due to luck....though it still does embarrasses Israel. 

The Israel have atomic bombs, poison gas, biological weapons, advanced fighter jets, submarines, modern tanks and cluster bombs all supplied by America. Israel bombs Gaza at will killing 80 so far and wounding countless others. 

Why does Hamas continues to launch ineffective rockets into Israel? Does Hamas not understand that too many Palestinians lives are lost in the cause of liberating their own land - land that Israel continues to acquire at any excuse?

The humble God Fearing people of Palestinians are portrayed as evil and what evil that Israel does is portrayed as righteous. It is madness. It will not end until they wipe each other off the face of this earth!

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