Tuesday 31 October 2017

cakap cakap...on being seventy.

Seventy today! Clear the dirty dishes. Done. Fill the water bottles. Done. Give the oven, the table, the sink etc a wipe down. Done. Dry all the dishes and pots and pans and store them away. Done. Throw the rubbish out. Done. Take the washing in, fold them up and put them away where they belong. Done. Boil water for later use. Done. Feed he cat. Done. Shower and get myself organised. Done. Cup of mango infused tea. Done. Power on my Mac. Done. Read all the birthday greetings. Done. Take my first sip of the mango infused tea. ready to blog!

Selamat pagi! It is 11.30 here in Fitzroy Melbourne...and that should make it 8.30 am in K Hell. Right this very moment my mind is a blank and I am writing on adrenaline pakai otak......just winging it...and write whatever comes to my head.

This bit that I read in my whatsapp group early this morning, about the plane this BN government has put up for sale, keeps playing in my head.

     "RM 38 juta is very cheap. Aircraft ta banyak di gunakan. (+) kejatohan nilai mata wang RM. Any commercial aircraft must fly everyday with >85% pax load for break even operating cost. Anything > 85% load is profit, sampai book value. On attaining book value, approx 10-12 yrs, is profit. Tetapi executive aircraft " bila na guna: "run up the engine, polish, bersehkan, pull out from hangar, " jalan". Bila balek masok hangar semula. Bill? , not to worry , gomen bayar! "Macam mistress, sekali sekali pakai sahaja"

That phrase "Bill? not to worry, gomen bayar" ....when our gomen pays, that means they pay with OUR money! Damm this BN gomen!

And another thought that has kept playing in my mind this morning is this thought : That Umno is not trying to win the election. That Umno is not thinking about what it will do when it wins PRU14. That Umno is not trying to get it's election machinery organised and ready to do battle with the opposition come PRU14. Those in control of Umno have accepted the grim reality that Umno is dead. All it can do now is to get together a search party....go out and try to recover what remains they can find of the Umno that once was....not a search and rescue....but a recovery mission. And what has killed Umno is Dedak, Arrogance and that which has befell those Dinosaurs that once ruled the Earth....they just outlived their usefulness in a changing world that is unforgiving of those that does not change with it!

All these thoughts are in my head as I read the birthday greetings that you all sent me. For all those greetings....thank you.

Being 70 is not just a number. I have plenty to be grateful for. My wife, my children and my grand children. We are all talking to each other. All family. I hope that will still be so for all the years that is still to come. With my own brothers and sister, I am estranged. We have not spoken with or to each other for over two I treasure my own family even more. Every day is a blessing.

Enough of this selfish meandering of the things that matters to me. I must now blog.    

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