Thursday 26 October 2017


These will be one of those last hurrah for Najib and Rosmah before the fall. 

We have been witness to many audacious and mind boggling excesses in the way Najib Razak has done government and in the manner he chooses to live his private a life. All this can be explained with these three sentences : 


Allow me to elaborate. 

Greed is in all of us. For Najib the hundreds of millions he already has parked in Kazakstan, Switzerland and in many other parts of there World, is not enough. He wants more. He thinks he needs more because his wife can spend a million on  single item she thinks will make her more alluring to her husband (sic). These two thieves have palatial residences in London and New York, Dubai and in places unknown. His step son wants to rub shoulders with Media moguls in Hollywood and wants to have a penthouse in New York.  All this greed has gone to the dogs and to satisfy this greed takes a lot of stealing of our money. It will never stop! 

Naive : This idiot has no idea what doing government entails. He thinks it is all a power trip and about becoming a billionaire! 

Stupid : He really thinks he can get away with the industrial scale corruption that he has perpetrated during his years in politics. Corruption that has been enthusiastically embrace by many of his political cohorts, senior government servants, official in statutory bodies, bankers and anyone else who have parked their snout to the through.

But here is where Najib is punching way above his weight...the very thing that has kept him power : Dedak, money politics, having his nominees in all the key position in government and the statutory bodies ...all these things that has kept him as president of Umno and prime minister of Malaysia...these are very same things will be the cause of his down fall. 

No one have the means and the resources to keep that many greedy people satisfied. Not even SOROS or BILL GATES...what more Najib Razak. True he has been using our money to keep all these greedy people on a leash but even that has its limits. 

Let us look at Felda. He puts a corrupt Chairman in FGV. That corrupt chairman wants more - more that his already generous stipend. And so that corrupt Chairman steals from FGV. The stealing gets too overt. Too many hundreds of millions are being siphoned out of FGV by this Chairman and so the Chairman is removed. But what happened to those billions siphoned out of FGV? Investigations has to be initiated to explain the losses but th man most responsible for the losses - the Chairman - cannot be touched because what he has done in FGV was sanctioned by Najib Razak himself....but it got out of hand because the Chairman got too greedy! And if he is prosecuted he has more to tell about Najib then what MACC cab dig out about him. So what happens....quietly everything is stamped NFA (No Further Action). 

KUALA LUMPUR: Public listed government-linked companies (GLCs) should be run by professionals. “If you are, for example Felda (the Federal Land…

This is what is happening in and around the Ministries, the various government bodies anything and anywhere where money can be siphoned out. The bilk of the hundred and millions are for the account of the prime minister....the millions for Ministers and the senior officials of these corrupt entities and the hundred and hundreds of thousands trickled down to any willing officials who wants a piece of the action by closing one eye or looking the other way at the massive looting and pillaging of out nation's resources. 

When the prime minister and his wife are thieves what can you expect of the others who are part of his administration?

All this can be kept quiet for as long as everyone involved are taken care of. That each and every one of these people get what they think they deserve to get for their "troubles"...but for how long can they be satisfied? For how long will anyone who is corrupt be able to live within what ever means he is able to live with the corrupt money he has? Always they will want more. Always greed rears its ugly head and tells them to ask for more...or take more. 

And that is what is now happening in our country today. 

The hundreds of millions already in the back account of Najib and his wife is not enough for them. They want more. And if they want more would not the others want more too? And so the walls of secrecy that hides all these illegal, covert and fraudulent transactions are beginning to crack, There is just so much money that can be siphoned off before they break the very bank that they are stealing from. 

In places like Felda...the walls are already crumbling because the amount stolen and the manner the money is stolen simply will stand for any scrutiny. There is complicity and collusion at the highest level and when that wall is breached as it has been with Isa Samad....then the wall starts crumbling. And the same will happen in the other entities where the same fraudulent activities are now being conducted by the very people who have been entrusted to take care of the Rakyat's interest in these entities. 

And like a raging river in flood...once it's rage is unleashed upstream...water will rush down river and sweep away everything in its path. The tidal wave has been unleashed in Felda and there is nothing that Sharir Samad can do except to try and plug the leak with his finger...for a while he can stem the leak...but for how long?

!MDB has shown the way to making easy money. So what is a few Chinese and some Arabs also get insanely wealthy along the way...there are still billions to be had by Najib and his cohorts. Money knows no race and is blind to all religion. And none can touch Najib and Rosmah in this endeavours! Salute! 

If you think Ceausescu and his wife were evil. If you think Marcos and Imelda were thieves. If you had thought that the Tunisian President and his wife Leila were greedy ...the world has never seen the likes of this Najib and his Wife! Words to describe what these two have done to ur lives and theirs, have yet to be invented. The scale of their thieving is sanction by the state that they govern and it is simply breath taking involving every member of their immediate family and any one else they needed to get away with their thieving. God threw away the mould after making these two...and thank God he did because Malaysia may not even survive these two....what more any more Najib and Rosmah in the future that is still to come. 

The people in Umno now understand how toxic this Najib and Rosmah is and what having these two will do to their chances in PRU14. It is not will be the people in Umno who will guarantee that Najib will not lead them into PRU14! 

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