Monday 23 October 2017


Khazanah d_ckheads flying MAS into the ground, should be selling TNB shares soon.
Here is the National Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia (NUFAM) complaining about Khazanah Nasional’s poor management skills. 
(I have been saying many times that Khazanah in its present form should be just shut down. Exactly what purpose are they serving? For example MAS has been flying even from before the Khazanah fellows were born.) 
Anyway here is the FMT with the news:
(Nufam)  demanding Khazanah stop interfering with MAS business
Khazanah’s poor management of airline causing CEOs to leave.
third CEO left airline in three years
turmoil because Khazanah’s recovery plans keep changing
CEO Peter Bellew resigns a year after being appointed
Previously, Ahmad Jauhari left in 2015 
replaced with Christoph Mueller who resigned in April 2016.
Malaysia Airlines changes CEOs like we change underwear
Malaysia deserves an answer and Khazanah has to provide answer.
complaints from the ground interference from Khazanah 
airline’s primary objective – safe air travel becoming very difficult to meet
MAS being milked so that money can be spent unnecessarily.
where are all those assets MAS used to have, it has lost billions
CEOs Khazanah hires are all leaving, secretly, quietly
even making deals with other airlines behind our backs. Is that good?
hit out at Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai
The transport minister looks like he doesn’t know anything.
My comments :  I made a prediction the other day to a friend of mine that the appointment of MO1’s  super sidekick Habibur Rahman to the BOD of MAS will see the exit of their CEO.  Coincidence or not that is exactly what has happened.
Malaysia Airlines will be super successful if it is just run like a proper business. Sadly the kampong boys have not been able to sort that out. “Buy low sell high” still seems to be enigmatic.  “Lower pricing for higher volume” is perhaps far too advanced. 
Ticket pricing seems directly proportional to the distance travelled by the aircraft. The lowest fares between Kuala Lumpur and the nearest European capitals  are to Athens and Rome. Geographically these are the closest European capitals (from KLIA). Airfares should reflect the distance. Plus adjustments for seasonal demand.  That is all.
There are maybe TWO million Banglas in Malaysia who need to fly home. 
Another THREE million Indons who need to travel too.
Plus over a billion Indians under four hours away in Chennai
Plus another billion Chinese also under four hours away (in Kunming).
All the flights from KL – Bangkok – KL are usually fully booked.
Air Asia seems to be doing extremely well. 
(Minus the odd flight attendants screaming)
In my view Malindo is the up and coming airline.
All run by Malaysians or Asians.
Both Air Asia and Malindo’s head honchos are Indian.
No Mat Salleh CEOs – who quit after just one year.
The CEO of Malindo Air says,  “To do business is human, but being human in itself is good business. That’s what ignites the spirit of the people behind Malindo Air “
Too wordy bro. If I may edit that a little, how about  just  “Being human is good business“.
Here is an old business model.
Cancel the licenses for Air Asia, Malindo etc. 
Let MAS have a monopoly – like the good old 1970s and 1980s. 
Only then MAS can make money. 
No monopoly, dont know how to compete.  
The end of the year is approaching. 
The Khazanah boys should be selling TNB shares again. 
To make the books look good. 
To make the KPI look good. 
Thank you Dr Mahathir for giving them all those TNB shares so many long years ago. More than 14 years ago.  
The Edge should be tracking Khazanah on this.
Why does Khazanah still exist?

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