Tuesday 24 October 2017

Our Clown promised Trump RM100 Billion "to help strengthen the US economy"

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Donald Trump accepts PM Lee's invitation to visit Singapore next year


Lee and Trump in joint press conference in White House Oct 23, 2017.
Trump to visit Singapore next year

Lee on official working visit to Washington at invitation of Trump.

Trump hosted Lee to lunch with cabinet secretaries and White House officials

signing of Singapore Airlines-Boeing deal worth US$14 billion.

"strong mutually beneficial trade, investment linkages" between S'pore and US 

Lee and Trump had "wide-ranging discussion"

Defeat-ISIS Coalition - only Asian country to contribute military and personnel 


My comments :  US$14b is less than RM70 Billion.  
Our Clown promised Trump RM100 Billion "to help strengthen the US economy" or some crap.  

How come Trump is NOT visiting Malaysia?? 
Can I have my money back?

For RM100 Billion, Trump should not only visit Malaysia but he should sit down for halal  teh tarik by the Klang River  (I just thought that up.) 

Trump and Lee had a joint Press Conference in the Rose Garden at the White House. Both the American and S'porean Cabinet members had a working luncheon.

They could not have done either with the Clown and gang. 
They would not have known what to say. 

That is why when Trump told the Clown, 'Ok say what you want to say' the Clown had to read from a prepared script like a school boy.    

Malulah kita. Village idiots running around. 

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