Tuesday 31 October 2017

Umno is not trying to win the election. Umno is not thinking about what it will do when it wins PRU14. Umno is not trying to get it's election machinery organised and ready to do battle with the opposition come PRU14. Those in control of Umno have accepted the grim reality that Umno is dead. All it can do now is to get together a search party....go out and try to recover what remains they can find of the Umno that once was....not a search and rescue....but a recovery mission. And what has killed Umno is Dedak, Arrogance and that which has befell those Dinosaurs that once ruled the Earth....they just outlived their usefulness in a changing world that is unforgiving of those that does not change with it!

I wrote that early this morning and I need to expand on that.

Politically, Umno is long dead...but it has yet to be buried because it's remains have yet to be found. A recovery mission has been launched to recover it's remains and give it a decent burial.... an Islamic one, if Pas has anything to do with it...and hopefully for those within whose hearts still beats the Umno of old...from the ashes of this Umno Baru will rise again another Umno - a more compassionate one, a more responsible one and one that will be gracious and respectful of its obligations to the many millions of Malays and Malaysians that have kept Umno in government for over six decades. 

As sure as Mahathir has taken Umno to the peaks of political nirvana, Najib is the one that has taken Umno to the depths of political depravity. As sure as Mahathir has given Umno unfettered political dominance over all that it surveys, Najib is the one that has caused Umno's demise. The two are like chalk and cheese .

All that Najib can do to shore up his position in Umno has been done. Without exception, all the Ketua Bahagians terhutang budi to Najib for their ostentatious financial well being. Billions have been sucked up from every possible nook and cranny of our national coffers to first satisfy Rosmah's and Najib's greed and when it moves them, to keep Umno's elite well fed, well clothes and living well.  

We have Bonnie and Clyde in Seri Perdana. But Bonnie is Clyde and Clyde is is the wife that wears the trousers and calls the shots and it is Rosmah that has been in the driving seat as Najib is pushed into doing more and more "deals" to siphon more and more billion out of our nation's coffers.

Despite all that dedak and with their money bags spilling money by the bucket load, there are many still out there in Umno with their hands out demanding hand outs from Najib. These bloated Ketuas in Umno are already rich beyond their rich to sully themselves by going onto the campaign trial to woo voters onto the Umno camp. Too rich to want to turun padang and fight the good fight for Umno in the coming PRU14. For sure some of the Ketua Bahagians will die for Najib for without Najib they will die a lingering death as their ill gotten wealth fritters away without Najib's topping it up....but damm if they will risk losing their ill gotten gain doing it....and so they asks for more. How much more? Plenty more...and so the stealing, robbing and pillaging of our country continues in the billions!

When will the dam breaks? 

Look at Najib today...look into his eyes and you will see nothing. He is being carried on a tide ......a tidal tide....of massive corruption that requires collusion and complicity on a  national scale. It is no longer robbing Paul to pay have to rob Peter and Paul and anyone else within robbing range. All it takes is one weak greedy cog in the whole system for the system to break down. It is beyond Rosmah's and Najib's ability to manage.They can keep Isa at FGV...and when he gets too greedy, replace him with Sahrir....but what about the downline....the senior executives that are also in the food chain....all with their snouts in the trough. What about the many officers within the same organisation who knows of the caper? How long before they talk if they think they are not rewarded adequately for their "complicity". It takes a lot of people within any organisation to look the other way to steal billions from FGV, EPF ....from any entity.  

And that is the impossible position that Najib has worked himself into and damm if Rosmah cares....and that is why I guarantee that Najib will not lead Umno into the 14 PRU! 

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