Wednesday 25 October 2017


25/10 1:06 am] ‪+60 11-3321 0963‬: Anwar Ibrahim October 2017 Update
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Today marks day 984 of Anwar Ibrahim’s continued unjust imprisonment since the 10th of February 2015.
On the 22nd of September 2017, Anwar was involved in a car accident when his transport vehicle was rammed from behind by his prison escort vehicle whilst trying to evade an incoming unknown vehicle. He was, at all times under the care of the prison authorities.
He was being transferred back to Sungai Buloh prison, after spending four nights at Kuala Lumpur General Hospital(KLGH) for irregular blood pressure, and shoulder injury related to pain when the security trespass occurred[1].
The accident aggravated his shoulder injury which required regular on-going physiotherapy. He was administered strong painkillers for the pain, and during our visit to him at a court hearing, he started complaining of continuous pain in the shoulder.
Last week the family received an urgent message from Anwar, requesting for an emergency family meeting at the prison. 
Our visit was finally approved for the following Monday. In our family discussion, Anwar raised concerns that his injury had deteriorated further, as he is unable to move his right shoulder. He is unable to do even essential functions like writing without suffering acute pain. 
Orthopedic specialists had previously recommended that he undergo a shoulder replacement surgery due to the tear in his shoulder rotator cuff, but Anwar has been hesitant about such an invasive operation. 
His concern stems mainly from the inadequate medical prison facility especially in post operation and physiotherapy treatment, in such a politically tense environment in the country.
However, since his previous injury was aggravated after the accident, he has requested to proceed with the surgery as soon as possible.
We have had an urgent consultation with other shoulder specialists in Malaysia and are seeking the best treatment possible for Anwar. Before this, Anwar has received offers from Georgetown University and Turkey to conduct the operation abroad, but the request was denied by the Malaysian government.
The family is currently trying to communicate with the prison authority and Malaysian government to ensure Anwar is accorded the best medical treatment and the required post-operation treatment while in prison.
Anwar has been a victim of unfair politically motivated incarceration and subsequently denied humanitarian relieve. It pains the family to see him suffer in isolation, without any comfort and support from his loved ones. 
We seek your help to ramp up the awareness and pressure on the Malaysian government so that Anwar is given proper medical treatment for his shoulder injury. We urge individuals, organizations and institutions to write to Prime Minister of Malaysia to allow Anwar to receive his surgery and treatment abroad. He is 70 years of age and has spent more than a decade in total behind bars.
Finally, Please keep him in your prayers and I will continue to update you on his situation.

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