Sunday 22 October 2017

"We don't call it the Cockpit anymore!"

A woman is flying on a jumbo-jet to US. After they get up in the air the loudspeaker comes on: This is your Captain Ramaa Kirti. We are cruising at 35,000 feet etc etc...
When the announcement is finished a woman passenger beckons to a stewardess and asks: Is it really true that this great big airplane is being flown by a woman?
Stewardess: Yes, Captain Kathi Durst is a woman.
Woman: How wonderful I am so excited! Do you think you can arrange for me to go up to the cockpit to congratulate her?
Stewardess: Yes, I think I can arrange that. You might also like to know that the co-pilot is also a woman.
Woman: Oh, how exciting. This is wonderful news! Please let me go to the cockpit so I can congratulate them both!
Stewardess: Ok, you can do that. You might like to know that actually the entire crew of this plane are women.
Woman: That is the most exciting thing I have heard in a long time, this has really made my day. I just have to go to the cockpit to express my admiration!
Stewardess: One more thing you might like to know, we don't call it the cockpit any more.

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