Thursday 26 October 2017

Phrases you will never hear in Malaysia :

Jakim Officers on arriving at a funeral of an Indian whom someone had reported to have converted to Islam : "No lah he is not a Muslim. His family said so"

Jakim officers at Char Kueh Teow stall  in Jalan Alor : "Kita bantai aja...ini semua Halal"  

Rosmah : "My handbag is made locally"

During Cabinet meeting : "Wait a minute, we can't do is not ethical"

Overheard at PWTC : "Susah nak dapat project sekarang ....semua open tender" 

Rakyat : "Kami sokong Najib"

Rakyat : "Kami sayang Rosmah"

Mahathir : "I am proud to say that I am Najib's friend"

Anwar Ibrahim : "I want Azizah to be friends with Rosmah"

KP SPRM : "I am the man in the video"

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