Friday 27 October 2017

cakap cakap...Tian Chua, live streaming and bloggers.

12.18 pm in Melbourne
9.19 am Outside Kajang Prison.

As I am writing this, I am witnessing the release of Tian Chua from prison. Live. Azizah is there and shouts of Batu Batu Batu....Hidup Rakyat. Hidup heard from time to enthusiastic crowd is there to greet Tian Chua...and I see him in his prison haircut.... moving among the crowds of well wishers, smiling, talking and hugging anyone within his grasps. I am sure this is being seen by many others...I see over 5000 views just on this live stream alone. ..and even though I am over 3000 kilometres away in Melbourne...I can "feel" the good vibes coming through the airwaves. Fight the good fight Tian Chua...we are with you.

I can sense what part these "live stream" will play in the coming PRU14.  Nothing can match the realism of seeing things happening "live" ...and it will move many of us to do what has to be done to rid ourself of this corrupt Umno led BN government. 

Every perhimpunan by the opposition should be streamed would be like you are there yourself...and even if you are not physically are there in spirit and in support! Support that will be translated into action at another time and another place. These "live streams" will move thousands of Malaysians to move together as one against this corrupt Najib led Barisan Nasional government. Just as the Internet was a formidable "weapon" used to his advantage by Obama in his run for the Presidency of the should the opposition use these "live stream: to move and get Malaysians onto their side. 

I can see that the opposition is not as organised as Najib and Umno are in using The Net to advance their political agenda. I speak from personal experience. I have between 20K to 30K clicks a day on my blog. On good days 50K. ....and while I have been "approached" by the other side to write for them...none has talked to me from the opposition. I am not talking about paying me to write for them....just  a word now and then to inform me of what is going on in the opposition so that I can write in support of what they do. For sure there are individuals in the opposition who talks to me from time to time...but these are individual efforts...nothing organised. I do not know what other bloggers are experiencing but I think it is time that the opposition does something structured and organised to keep us bloggers informed and supportive of what they do as PRU14 nears. 

Do I support the opposition? Am I against Barisan Nasional? 

I can only say this...if you do what is right for our people and our country...then we are on your side. And as I see it now....the opposition is headed towards that direction and so, for me, I am for the side that is doing the right things for all of us. 

Enough said.     

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